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Valentine's Day in Spain is a time for the people to celebrate and indulge in the luxuries of life. Explore Valentines Day celebrations & traditions therein.

Valentine's Day in Spain

Deemed as one of the most romantic destination of the world, Spain offers breathtaking scenic views and exotic getaways for people wanting to spend some quality time with their partner. It is but natural that the festival of Valentine's Day is observed in a grand manner in such a strikingly romantic destination. Although the celebration was introduced in these parts of the world years after its origin, the zeal and enthusiasm amongst the masses here equals that in any other region. While getting involved in the arrangements and festive mood of the season, people often tend to forget the real purpose of the celebration. They only tend to remember that it celebrates the true spirit of love. Let us explore all about Valentine's Day traditions in Spain.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Spain
A “stylish extravaganza” is what would summarize Valentine's Day celebrations in Spain. Elaborate arrangements are made months in advance, to honor and welcome the festival of love. People make regular tours to the market area, looking for gifts and other tokens of love for their partner. Local markets and shopping centers also put up handmade traditional attires for both men and women and people attempt to look their best, in a bid to impress their sweetheart. The young and unmarried are the not the only ones excited to celebrate the festival, the adults take equal participation in the festivities. For them, it is a sign of their undeterred trust and loyalty towards each other.

In Spain, everyone, irrespective of their age, caste and creed, get to enjoy the real flavor of Valentine's Day. Presenting gifts and tokens of love is an essential component of any celebration and the Spanish leave no stone unturned to make their partner feel special and pampered in this way, on Valentine's Day as well. Huge blossoms of bright colorful flowers, heart shaped chocolates and other gifts of love are showered on each other and people often treat their loved ones with special candlelight dinners, outings and such other romantic getaways.

It is a known fact that the Spanish people know how to woo their lovers and being highly sensitive by nature, they take care to express their undying love for each other in their best possible way. The entire day is spent in each other's company reveling in their love. People enjoy the day in different ways depending on their moods and desires. Some prefer a private outing with their loved ones, indulging in all the luxuries of life and pampering each other. Others like to enjoy the party environment in clubs and discotheques. Whatever might be the way, the prime motto of every person is to have a blast and enjoy the festival is in its true sense.