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Traditionally, Valentine's Day was celebrated on 24th February in Romania. Read on to know about V-Day celebrations & traditions on Romania.

Valentine's Day in Romania

In Romania, Valentine's Day was not traditionally celebrated on 14th February, as in the rest of the world. For a long time, the country celebrated its love festival on 24th February, which is known as Dragobete in the local language. Dragobete, the son of Dochia, was a mythological deity in Romania, similar to Eros or Cupid. He was a handsome man who liked to indulge in love affairs. He used to celebrate his love affairs, a tradition that was picked up later by the Romanian youth. The youngsters in the country would meet to celebrate this day and have made the tradition last for so long. There is also a belief held by some that birds got engaged on this day and since birds are considered to be the messengers of god in Romania, the day also holds a deep significance for the people of this country.

Valentine's Day Celebrations In Romania
There is a common belief in Romania that those who participate in Dragobete festivities are protected against sickness for the entire year. Traditionally, on this day, young Romanians used to dress in their Sunday dresses and meet in the center of the village or in front of the church. They used to go singing, if the weather was good, look for snowdrops or other spring flowers, tell stories and play games. The present day Valentine's Day celebrations borrow heavily from the traditions of the past.

In the recent times, the Romanians have begun to celebrate their Valentine's Day on 14th February, just like most of the other countries in the world. Romanians celebrate this day by giving gifts to their loved one. Cards and flowers are given to make each other feel special and wanted. Gift baskets are also common. Young lovers treat their mates in a very special way, on this romantic occasion. It is not uncommon to find people going out for a movie or candle light dinner with their valentine.

Craft making and cooking special meals are also some of the common Valentine's Day activities. Lovers try homemade crafts to give personalized gifts to their partner. Mostly, valentine couples are seen restaurants, parks, and other Romanian hotspots. Some couples are in a holiday mood and haunt the beautiful Romanian getaways to celebrate the day privately, in the company of their beloved and beautiful locales. The youngsters, who do not find their valentine, spend the day in the company of their friends, relatives and family.