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Given here are Valentine's Day romantic party games and Valentine's Day games ideas.

Valentine's Day Party Games

No party is complete without those funny lively games and fun filled activities. And it becomes even more essential to organize romantic party games if the occasion is Valentine's Day. We bring you various ideas for Valentine's Day party games. This should help you choose fun filled activities for your Valentine's Day party. All of you must have played truth or dare at some time in your life. It is one such game that can be played on any occasion. We bring you ideas for how to play truth or dare for Valentine's Day to make it more romantic. Another such versatile game is the treasure hunt. This game is usually theme based, so you can give it a romantic theme for Valentine's Day and call it Valentine's treasure hunt. Though it requires a bit of planning, it is fun when played. And all your efforts to make it interesting will win accolades!

Another interesting game that can be played is the love pictionary. It is a romantic game and very enjoyable, as it requires guessing a word by looking at a vague picture drawn by your partner. Propose your love is yet another fun filled game where one partner proposes to the other in the wittiest way possible. To add some spice and laughter to your activities, we bring you a game called identify your partner. Blindfolded people are led into a room where they are supposed to identify their partner amidst chaos and confusion. Check out our related sections for further details about these fun-filled activities and party games.

Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare is an entertaining as well as romantic game that can be played for Valentine's Day. The game usually involves 10 or more players and is generally played to bring in the element of fun and enjoyment in a party or get together. This Valentine's Day, instead of opting for the usual movie plans or dinner dates, plan a get together for couples. Play truth or dare and watch how each of you unravel an unknown truth or personality facet of your partner.

Propose Your Partner
With Valentine's Day around the corner, love seems to be the mantra for everyone. While the whole atmosphere is engulfed in the blissful feeling of love, there is one thing that runs every mind and takes the toll, especially for singles - the act of proposal. Talk about proposals and proposing and you are sure to find mixed emotions - whilst some are cool with it, there are others who almost undergo a panic attack and yet others who never manage to embark on it.

Identify Your Partner
Valentine season is just about to begin and each lover is getting ready in selecting a unique and special gift for him/ her. Gifts express your level of commitment and the intensity of your love. When celebrating Valentine's Day with your friends or other couples, party games prove worthy to make the day fun-filled and interesting.

Love Pictionary
Valentine's Day is associated with expressing love for your loved one through Valentine cards, flowers and confectionary. Valentine symbols include heart-shaped outlines, doves and winged cupid figurines. When celebrating Valentine's Day with your friends and other couples, do give Valentine's Day games a try. One of them is love pictionary. Pictionary is a popular game among every one young and old.

Treasure Hunt
The world celebrates love and romance in the form of Valentine's Day on February 14. A day to express your feelings, affection, passion and togetherness, people can be seen buying gifts, flowers, chocolates, confectionary and cards for their loved ones. In case you are planning to celebrate this occasion with a group of friends or other couples, Valentine games prove to be worthy.