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In Ireland, Valentine's Day is a festival of enjoyment and gaiety. Read on to know more about Valentines Day celebrations & traditions in Ireland.

Valentine's Day in Ireland

If you are wondering as to how you would spend your Valentine's Day in Ireland, keep all the apprehensions aside! You will be amazed by the variety of options that you will find there, as the place has something for every person. Whether it is touring through the medieval castles of the country or visiting the Saint Valentine church in Whitefriar Street, Dublin, you can pick your choice and spend a beautiful day with your sweetheart. Kids, teenagers or adults - every age group celebrates the occasion in their own way. As in any other country in the world, Ireland celebrates the occasion in the month of February. In case you want to know more about the Valentine's Day tradition in Ireland, read on.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Ireland
The third largest island in the continent of Europe, Ireland has a lot to offer to the nature lovers and romantics. The rich cultural heritage of the country adds volumes to the beauty of the region and one almost becomes speechless in awe and admiration looking at the pristine innate beauty of the region. Every region, every corner within the country, like the isolated solitary peaks, the historical relics and the small picturesque towns, speaks of romance and splendor. The blue shades and hues of the Irish Sea enhance the beauty of the region, thereby making the place one of the most sought-after tourist locations across the globe. What better day can a person have to observe and admire the scenic beauty of the region than on 14th February.

A fiesta, a carnival of unending joy and merriment! Yes, that is what Valentine's Day celebrations in Ireland comprise of. Strikingly decorated lanes and boulevards attract the attention of the passer-bys and stage shows and concerts are organized in many areas, converting the festival into a mega event. Pubs and discotheques are lined up by the young and the party lovers, who want to enjoy and have a blast all throughout the night. The best place to observe Valentine's Day in Ireland is the capital city of the country, i.e. Dublin. Fascinating fireworks light up the night sky and the entire region is illuminated by the bright light of these fireworks.

Gifting forms a major part of the Valentine celebration and the natives know exactly how to follow this tradition. Gift stores tempt the masses to pamper their sweethearts. Apart from this, Valentine cards, chocolates, fresh flowers and candy are hot choices for the occasion. Indeed, it is considered as sheer luck if one gets to observe the day of love in a place that provided inspiration to the creative writings of evocative Irish writers, such as Yeats and Shaw. It is often said that there is no better place on earth, than the Fair City of Ireland, to ignite the passion and flame that you always seek in your life. At the same time, it is the place to pay homage to the great patrons of love that set the destiny of you and your partner together as loved ones.