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It is a unique experience to witness Valentine's Day celebrations in Australia. Read on to know more on Valentines Day traditions in Australia.

Valentine's Day in Australia

There is nothing more beautiful than love expressed in the form of words and the Aussies are well aware of the fact. Hence, Valentine's Day holds a special place in their hearts and the festival is observed with much pomp and glory by them. Due to the effects of globalization and because of the intermingling of cultures, the popularity of Valentine's Day is said to be increasing day by day. People, in fact, view the occasion as an opportunity to strengthen the bond of love between two people and within the family. Observed on 14th February every year, it is dedicated to two of the early Christian martyrs called Valentine. It was only during the High Middle Ages, sometime during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries in the European history, that the festival became associated with romantic love. It was during this era that the concept of expressing love and admiration in a noble and chivalrous way flourished. Let us explore all about the Valentine's Day traditions in Australia.

Valentine's Day Celebrations In Australia
Back home, in this 21st era, Valentine's Day is an exhilarating occasion celebrated by the Australians in any form of media available. It has been approximated that around 45% of people above the age group of 50 and 90% in the age group of 18 to 24 years celebrate the day. There is a unique history that connects this event with the people residing in this place. It is said that during the Australian gold rush i.e. around 1851, miners near the Ballarat Mines, New South Wales, became extremely rich. To celebrate their newfound wealth, these miners gave orders for lavish Valentines that summed up to thousands of pounds at a time.

At that time, exquisite and unique Valentines were made of satin cushions that were intricately decorated with colored shells and flowers. Some of these were even adorned with taxidermied humming bird or bird of paradise. This was usually kept neatly decked up inside a beautifully ornamented box. Such an elaborate tradition of expressing love came to be followed through the ages and is observed by the Australians till date. On Valentines Day, cards are purchased in abundance by people across the country and you will definitely be boggled looking at the sheer variety of options that you can choose from.

Valentine Day is not only a celebration of romantic love between two people, but is also a way of strengthening the bond between friends, family and acquaintances. Apart from gifting each other with words of expression, exquisite bouquets are also exchanged, as many-a-times, they convey feelings far better than words. Modern day technology and gizmos also are gaining increasing importance in the expression of thoughts and emotions. Emails, IM and SMS are often used to convey love messages to the loved ones. Thus, it is seen that the Australians have their own style and way of observing the occasion, which unique to only this part of the world.