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Valentine's Day is a grand event in Italy, celebrated with much enthusiasm all over. Get info on Valentines Day celebrations & traditions in Italy.

Valentine's Day in Italy

In Italy, Valentine's Day is a carnival of caring and sharing that all the people, irrespective of their age group and mentality, enjoy. Everywhere you go, every corner you pass through, you will be greeted by an aura of energy, spirit, romance, poise and rhythm. Whether it is the tranquility of the Po River valley, with its adjoining islands and peninsulas, or the fast-paced life of cities like Sicily and Sardinia, you can choose your own way of celebrating the occasion, depending on your mood and desire. The exclusivity and elitism of the country allures travelers and romantics from far and wide, to dwell in the beauty of the region. So plan a trip to this romantic country on and enjoy some moments of bliss and paradise. Read on to know all about Valentine's Day traditions in Italy.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Italy
Showering gifts and tokens of love is an essential part of Valentine's Day in Italy, as the natives believe that there is nothing more beautiful and true than love expressed, in the form of either words or presents. Another great way of expression is flowers and the options are many. Flowers are a great way to show how much you care and it is a guarantee that this sweet token of love will never fail in showing your partner your deep-set emotions. Though the sedulity of the flaming red roses always works wonders, sometimes it is the purity of the lily or the hyacinth in all its glory that attracts and fascinates the romantics - the choice is yours!

A very trendy and popular Valentine's gift among the Italians is the Baci Perugina, which is a small chocolate enclosed with a hazelnut. It also includes a small slip of paper, containing loving lyrical quotes in four different languages. Valentine's Day in Italy, without spoiling your sweetheart with delicious and scrumptious pizzas, is definitely a big no-no. This is the place that introduced the exotic flavor of pizzas to the rest of the world; hence, it is a must to romanticize and indulge in these delightful varieties on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

A great idea to celebrate Valentine's Day in the beautiful country is to organize a wonderfully decorated candlelight dinner, accompanied with lush cuisine of the country and the pungent smell of exclusive wine. This can be further accompanied by the soft ripple of music and the smooth rhythm of dance. Believe it or not; nobody will be able to deny such a romantic environment. You may even pop in your question in between this setting and it is a surety that you will come out victorious. So, go ahead and plan one of the most romantic days of the year in the beautiful country called Italy.