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Valentine's Day is a newly introduced event in Norway, with unique celebrations & traditions. Read on to know how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Norway.

Valentine's Day in Norway

Strongly weaved into the cultural web of Norway is the celebration of the Valentine's Day, so much so that the date has become a very important part of the social calendar of the country. People here wait in anticipation for 14th February to arrive and this is particularly true for the younger generation. Valentines celebration in Norway has become interlinked with the spring celebrations over the years and one may often come across huge displays of red hearts and such other Valentine goods in big cities of the country, like Oslo. A number of legends and myths have been associated with the celebration of the festival, paving the way to different types of customs and rituals. Earlier, the Norwegians had this common belief that it was the day when the members of the avian species mated, in order to procreate and give birth to their offspring. Hence, the day is regarded as an auspicious occasion for lovers to express their deep-set emotions for one another. Let us explore Valentine's Day traditions in Norway, in detail.

Valentines Day Celebrations in Norway
Every region has its own typical way of celebrating a festival that is unique only to that area. Norway too has its own customs and traditions for observing Valentine's Day. Special preparations start months ahead and to a large extent, this is facilitated by the gift stores and shopping malls. Greeting cards, Valentine decors and chocolates line up the stalls and one can pick up any range, depending on one's choice. Unlike other places, in Norway, Valentine's Day celebration is known as Valentinsdag. Although many Norwegians feel that the concept of the festival is a borrowed one and is a recent introduction in their region, they celebrate the festival with much zeal and enthusiasm that is comparable to any other parts of the world.

One of the most popular ways adopted by Norwegians, to celebrate Valentine's Day, is to take their partners out on a special date, which involves an elusive romantic dinner for the two of them. This is usually accompanied by a romantic card or a red rose to make the event complete. Many people even select this day to reveal and express their emotions to their sweetheart and some even decide to tie up the knot, considering the festival as an auspicious event. The adults observe this occasion as a sign of their years of togetherness and their unfading trust and love for one another. Although they observe the festival in a more subtle manner, they make sure that they get into the true mood of the season.