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Valentine's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Portugal. Read on to know more about Valentine's Day celebrations and traditions in Portugal.

Valentine's Day in Portugal

Valentine's Day is celebrated with immense eagerness and zeal in all parts of the world. There are many lovers, who wait for this lovely occasion to express their feelings to their beloved. In Portugal, Valentine's Day is celebrated in a memorable and unique way. With so many romantic locations and scenic beauties in the countries, lovers have plenty of choice if they want to go to a far-off location, away from the prying eyes of the world and spend a cozy day in the company of their beloved. In fact, people from around the world choose to celebrate the day in the tempting and inviting locales of the country. Read on to know more about the Valentine's Day traditions in Portugal.

Valentine's Day Celebration In Portugal
Just as in other parts of the world, Portugal also celebrates the festival of love with immense fervor. Great festivity is seen in the entire country on the day. Traditionally, the day is spent with an exchange of gift baskets, gifts, flowers and valentine card. Couples spend the entire day in each other's company and it is not uncommon to see lovers hogging the several hotspots in most of the cities of the beautiful country. Lovers express their love for their beloved and some of them give tailor-made, personalized gifts to their mate. Flowers are also very common as gifts on Valentine's Day in Portugal.

Gifts baskets are generously used in Portugal on this day, which capture the imagination of young hearts and makes them profess their love in the most expressive way. There are various types of gift baskets that are available in Portuguese markets and there is a huge variety to choose from, as well as different price ranges for one to decide accordingly. The Portuguese gift baskets for women contain chocolates, wine and cheese, gourmet food and snacks, spa, cookies, candy bouquet. Besides, men in Portugal get gift baskets of aged liquors on Valentine's Day.