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In New Zealand, Valentine's Day is a grand fiesta observed by all, irrespective of their age. Explore Valentine Day's celebrations & traditions in New Zealand.

Valentine's Day in New Zealand

A paradise on earth - New Zealand has a lot to offer to travelers, nature lovers, thrill seekers and romantics. A maze of unending fun, the country is like the ultimate travel destination and when the trip is associated with a day like Valentine's Day, then one can't ask for more. All over the country, the festival is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm. Elaborate preparations are made months ahead and people wait in anticipation for the day to arrive. This is largely facilitated by the marketing and the media sectors, in a bid to promote their products. In this romantic locale, you can either spend some quiet and private moments with your sweetheart or party hard in some of the most happening pubs and discotheques. The adventure options are galore, right from fishing, paddling to some of the most interesting wildlife safaris and even wine tours. So, what are you waiting for? Arrange for a tour in this wonderful country this February and give you sweetheart the treat of a lifetime. Read on to know all about Valentine's Day traditions in New Zealand.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in New Zealand
A very popular way of celebrating Valentine's Day in New Zealand is by arranging picnics and romantic outings with one's partner. There are a number of exquisite and beautiful locales for this purpose, like the unique Haulashore Islands or the picturesque hills and vineyards that dot the country. Advance bookings of resorts and holiday cottages, offering scenic views, are made and people indulge in moments of luxury and fine living. Special Valentine packages are also available during this time and people make plans in advance, to grab the best options.

On Valentine's Day, get-togethers and home parties are widely arranged throughout New Zealand. Friends and family members come together to spend some quality time. Every house can be seen bedecked and adorned with beautiful decor, garlands of flowers, red roses, ornamented lovebirds and lovely posters of cupid. Sumptuous meals are prepared, games are played and there is a general environment of merriment and gaiety. As a part of the Valentine celebration, special Helium balloons are also exchanged and the kids have a blast playing with them.

There is something very appealing and alluring about the entire festival of Valentine's Day in New Zealand. Such is the environment here that people of all moods and mindset are automatically drawn to observe it. The unique history and cultural background of the country makes the celebration even more interesting. The festival unifies the entire nation as a single element, as the sole purpose of observing the festival is honoring the exquisite human emotion called love. so, do try to make it your valentine destination this year!