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Valentine's Day in India is a celebration of love and affection. Read on to know all about Valentine Day traditions in India.

Valentine's Day in India

India has a strong cultural and traditional background that adds to the pride of the nation. The different facets in the cultural life of the country is actually what makes it interesting and worth visiting. At the same time, the views of general masses have undergone a massive change, aided by the effects of globalization. A very recent attachment in the cultural web of the country is the celebration of Valentine's Day. Although viewed by some as a western import, a growing number of the urban masses have readily welcomed and embraced the festival with open arms. Intermingling of cultures has further paved the way for its entry into the nooks and corners of the country. Just like any other country, in Indian also, the festival is observed on 14th February every year and regarded as a day to express and convey one's emotions and feelings. Let us explore the various Valentine's Day traditions in India.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in India
On Valentine's Day, there is an aura of elation and jubilation among the masses in India, which starts weeks before the festival. To some extent, the media and the marketing sectors can be held responsible for that. The various faces of media, like print, broadcasting and internet, as well as the different gift marketers and card companies are playing a major role in the conversion of this festival into a mega-event in the country. Gift stores, fascinatingly decked and ornamented with Valentine's symbols like cupid, roses and heart shaped imprints, capture the attention of the masses. This, along with various forms of discount coupons and fun-filled competitions organized by shopping malls and complexes, lure the consumers to a great extent.

A very popular way to celebrate Valentine's Day is by arranging parties and get-togethers with friends and partners. Young boys and girls consider this date as an ideal time to express their emotions and even propose. Many people even decide to tie the knot this very day, as they feel that it will be an auspicious start to a lovely relationship. On this day, one will often find young couples and teenagers freaking out with their friends in the popular discos, multiplexes, restaurants, pubs and pizza parlors. There are expressions of love and affection, for beloved, friends, siblings, parents and even teachers. This can be in the form of fresh flowers, soft toys, cards, chocolates and candies. A recent addition is the use of text messages and e-mails, as there is no limit to which one can use his/her creativity through such mediums.