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First kiss remains in our memory forever. Read about first kiss tips, first time kiss and first date kiss.

First Kiss

Kissing your beloved on the first date can be a daunting experience for many however they would indulge in it either in the awe of emotions or to pretend themselves as heterosexuals. Kissing for the first time sure gives some people butterflies in the stomach. Leaving apart a few nations where it is still a taboo, the Generation 'Y' of the developed nation looks forward to both their date and a memorable first kiss. Kissing for the first time has to be natural and random otherwise you would end up portraying yourself in a very negative image. Hence don't be desperate or over indulge the other person. Given below are a few tips for the first time kissers.

First Kiss Tips

Make Sure You Are Alone
One of the most important points to be kept in mind in order to make your first kiss memorable is to be all alone. You wouldn't want to lose concentration or end up in a wacky situation because of too many people around and make it a mess.

Have a Good Breath
It is very important that you have a good breath. It will not only make you feel good, but will make your partner realize that you care about these little things that count a lot in making a moment special. In case you can't floss, make sure you carry some mint with you always.

Don't Ask
Never ask your love when you want to kiss. The feeling should come simultaneously to both of you and your action should speak your thought process, else it will look more like obliging or forcing. The essence of your first kiss will be lost and you wouldn't be able to enjoy it fully.

It is very important to relax and take it easy. The worst thing you can do is moving too fast and make the whole thing seem too rushed. It is the biggest turn off for a woman. The moment should be in slow motion to make it last and portray you as a gentleman. Make sure you both are sober so that you both enjoy it.

The Right Moment
Make sure that you don't kiss anyone until they are 100% ready. Be patient and wait for the right moment. Too soon, and it will look as though you are desperate. Too late, and the moment flies away. So be ready and enjoy when the time comes.

Keep Your Eyes Closed
To feel the magic of your first kiss take over, just close your eyes and feel the moment instead of staring at it. It not only adds the magic to your experience, but also makes you feel less weird. The moment will be more real and you're your intense love.

The Right Place
The place where you have your first kiss also counts a lot. The place should not be cluttered and should be appealing to the eyes. It should have a touch of sensuality along with comfort.