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Valentine's Day is a day of love celebrated in the honor of Saint Valentine and his sacrifice in his attempts to bring lovers together.

Valentine's DayThe cool breeze, the receding winters and fragrant blossoms of February are welcome to the young hearts as they plan how to propose and impress their valentines and win them for life. February 14th, the Valentine's Day was popular by 17th century in Great Britain. Mid-18th century saw exchange of love messages and notes and small gifts as tokens of affection amongst lovers and friends from all classes. Valentine's Day Greeting Cards found a big market in the love-struck youth striving to express their emotions in a time in that special way. The festival caught on in United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia and today, it is celebrated throughout the world. It is the only festival that is celebrated through all the cultures in almost all the countries with the same spirit and gusto.

The most powerful emotion on earth, love is celebrated to show your love to your sweetheart and make him/ her feel special and valued. Convey your feelings to someone special by simply sending flowers, chocolates, greeting card speaking your feelings in a poetic way or just saying "I Love You". We have brought you some fine Valentine's Day craft and game ideas, delicious recipes to seduce your loved one, beautiful love quotes and poems, romantic movies and getaways, gift ideas, party ideas, greatest love stories, significance of Valentine symbols and more. We have also discussed some phobias related to Valentine's Day and have gone through the stories related to the patron saint of the festival, St. Valentine.