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Valentine's Day is the celebration of a lifetime in The Netherlands, never to be forgotten. Go through the info given below, on Valentines Day traditions therein.

Valentine's Day in The Netherlands

In this world of abhorrence and hatred, one gets very few occasions to celebrate and honor the beautiful emotion called love. Hence, it is vital that we rejoice and cherish the few lovely moments we get in our life. Originally, Valentine's Day was a commemoration of two of early Christian saints, but later on, the concept gained a more romantic notion. It was during this time that the concept was associated with courtly love the flourished all over Europe and the adjoining areas. In Netherlands as well, the day is associated with love and romance. In this article, we will help you explore all about the Valentine's Day traditions that are followed in the country.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Netherlands
In The Netherlands, Valentine's Day is not only regarded as a romantic event, to be celebrated by lovers, but is also observed as a day of friendship and companionship. The younger generation particularly makes it a point to enjoy the event to the max and hence parties are held, involving a lot of merry making and fun. Apart from the natives, every year, a generous influx of travelers and romantics can be seen around this time, whose prime aim is to celebrate the event in the ‘Netherland' way. In the country, Valentine's Day celebrations date back to the mid-20th century.

By the year 1949, the Dutch export of flowers was in great flow. It was during this time that the first Valentine's campaign took place in the country and the National Organization for Florists proposed the observation of Valentine's Day or flower day in the country. To promote the event among the masses, award ceremonies were organized by the association and a bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers was given to anyone who had done something exceptional for the society. Thus, a unique dimension was given by the society and people all over the world got to view an entirely new face of the celebration.

In The Netherlands, there is something for every category of people, be it those who prefer stepping on the warm sands on the banks of the River Amstel or taking a tour in the different museums of the country, like Rijks Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Rembrandt House Museum. Yummy cuisines, delightful orchestras, stage shows and romantic locales - that is Valentine's Day in Netherlands in its true essence. In the present times, valentine cards are a very popular way of showing your partner how much you care and are almost mandatory during the occasion. The custom of sending love cards started very late, say around ten years back. However, it has grown to amazing proportions today. Apart from cards, sending flowers on Valentine's Day is also considered very romantic by the natives of The Netherlands.