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Valentine's Day is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in Iceland. Go through the information given below, on Valentines Day celebrations & traditions therein.

Valentine's Day in Iceland

The Republic of Iceland is well known for its progressive beliefs and ideas that have contributed a lot to the development of the country. Though the country has its cultural roots strongly installed, its people are quite open-minded in terms of adopting and welcoming changes in their opinions. And, a festival such as the Valentine's Day was embraced with both arms by the country. A day for lovers and romantics, Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. Compared to many other parts of the world, the festival is celebrated in a subtle way here. Young couples in Iceland exchange gifts of love and indulge in a lot of partying and get-togethers. Read on to know more about the unique pattern of celebrations and traditions observed on the occasion of Valentine's Day in Iceland.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Iceland
Style and glamour is very essential for the natives of the country and the Icelanders strictly believe in the fact, ‘If you have it, flaunt it'. They do not withdraw from showering tokens of love, such as cards and chocolates, on their loved one. On Valentine's Day, a very common custom all over is the gifting of rose bouquets, usually red in color. A symbol of passion and ardor, glorious bouquets of red rose are available all over the country during the occasion and people make it a point to gift their loved ones with the same, on the special day.

On Valentine's Day, demands for specially arranged flowers are made in the local florist stores days ahead and people make generous use of orchids, freesias, gladioli, frangipani and ferns over and above the traditional rose designs. If it's a festival and we have not yet discussed about the cuisine department, we are hardly talking! Special delicacies are an essential part of Valentine's Day in Iceland as well. Different people like to spend the lovely occasion in their own special way. For instance, the adults usually prefer a cozy afternoon with their partner or spouse, exchanging gifts and spending time over a candlelight dinner.

In Iceland as well, the youngsters seek something exciting and interesting on Valentine's Day, like going to discotheques and pubs. Whatever be the mode of celebration, it is the thought that ultimately counts and the Icelanders are well aware of the fact. A celebration of intimacy and passion, it is an experience to celebrate the occasion of Valentine's Day in Iceland. In addition to the exchange of beautiful flowers, varied gifts are exchanged between partners and this can be anything ranging from something very simple like chocolate to something very expensive, like diamonds. As mentioned above, the choice is entirely personal and depends on the individual.