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In Brazil, Valentine's Day celebrations take place amidst gaiety and merry making. Read on to know all about Valentines Day traditions in Brazil.

Valentine's Day in Brazil

This year, celebrate Valentine's Day in the true Brazilian way, by indulging in the glorious sights and sounds of the place. Whether enjoying the metropolitan flavor of Rio de Janeiro or indulging in some quiet moments in the glorious archipelagos surrounding the place, the romantics and the passionate lovers will find a lot to do in Brazil. Highly advanced socially, the natives have a different outlook towards life and are religious followers of the concept of ‘living with a passion'. This passion for life reflects in each and every sphere of their life - be it towards their work or towards their partner. Brazilians have been known to be passionate lovers, since ancient times. As such, the festival of Valentine's Day has a special significance in their lives. With this article, explore Valentine's Day traditions in Brazil.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Brazil
All across the globe, the occasion of Valentine's Day is observed on 14th February every year. However, in lieu of this festival, Brazilians celebrate "Dia dos Namorados" on 12th June. This is a major event in the festival calendar of the region and sees participation by all - kids and adults, young and old. The festival has a special significance in the hearts of the people residing there. The entire day is celebrated with friends, family and relatives. Special meals are prepared, parties are arranged and friends and family members gather to spend some quality time together.

Whether you are spending time with your special one or touring the local areas to view the sights and festive decors, Valentine's Day in Brazil is a complete experience for the romantics and the passionate lovers. Celebration of each and every occasion and festival in a grand way is a typical trait found in this part of the world. Hence, one can but imagine how grandly the people celebrate the festival of Valentine's Day. In fact, this celebration can be regarded no less than a mega social event. Multiethnic groups residing in the different corners of Brazil get together, displaying the unique cultural heritage of the country.

In Brazil, preparations and arrangements for the occasion start days ahead, streets are lined up with lights and rock shows and concerts are organized. Dance and music is an integral element of the celebrations and one can get to taste different flavors in this aspect, ranging from folk music to colorful samba dance. Nightlife is amazing during this time of the year, with pubs and discotheques operating till dawn. Another important aspect of the celebration is the gifting of cards, decors and other gifts expressing love to the partner. So, what are you waiting for? Submerge in the true meaning of love and emotion by celebrating Valentine's Day in the beautiful country of Brazil.