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Are you in love? Read on how to know that you are in love and watch out for those special signs that you are in love.

Are You in Love

Your heart beats fast when you think of him/her. You smile at the very mention of his/her name. You yearn to spend every special moment of your life with him/her. Suddenly a question that is worth pondering upon crops up. Are you in love? There is every possible chance that you are. Some of the sure shot signs that shows you are in love are when somehow, in every conversation you have with your friends, you seem to keep mentioning his/her name in it. You look forward to spending time with him/her and enjoy the most when he/she is around.

You want to spend the rest of your life with him/her and are ready to adjust to make both of you happy. You love him/her for what he/she is and wouldn't want to change him/her for anything in the world. You start feeling that no other person in the world is as beautiful or handsome as him/her. In case you have become overtly concerned about your looks and appearance, know for sure you are in love. When in love loyalty holds more importance than ever in life. You want to be loyal to your beloved and expect the same from him/her. If all of this happens to you, you are definitely in love. Check out our related sections that deal with the issue of being in love, separately for men and women.

How to Know if He Loves You
So, you have known this guy for quite some time now. You love being with him and never feel lonely when he is around. Your face breaks into a smile at the very mention of his name. The first person you think of when you get up in the morning is him. But does he feel the same way about you too? Guys are finicky when it comes to admitting that they like a girl.

How to Know if She Loves You
It is not an easy job to know whether a woman likes you. Women are by nature, nurturers. It is natural for them to lavish affection and care. So if a woman you like pampers you like a baby, don't take it for granted that she is in love with you. However, if she goes out of her way to make you feel special, then there may be chances that she really likes you. A woman gives strong yet subtle signs that she loves you.