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Valentine's Day traditions and celebrations in Chile involve much grandeur and opulence. Read on to know how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Chile.

Valentine's Day in Chile

People are often taken aback by the aura of intense love and romance when visiting the South American country of Chile. This is often reflected in the art and literature of the region as well. There is a deep sense of appreciation in the people residing here, to the finer things in life like music, movies and such other works of art. It is but natural that the festival of Valentine's Day is very special for the natives of the place. As in other parts of the world, the day is celebrated on 14th February, to signify everything that is romantic and passionate on the face of earth. Though, initially, it was celebrated in the honor of two of the early Christian martyrs called Valentine, a romantic connection was made during the High Middles Ages ,when the concept of courtly love flourished all over Europe and its surrounding areas. With the gradual passage of time, the festival became more and more popular with people residing in other parts of the world. Today, the event has gained mammoth importance and almost all the youth around the world can identify themselves with the celebration of this festival. Read on to all about Valentine's Day traditions in Chile.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Chile
Multi-cuisine cultural events and fiestas are an integral part of the social life in Chile. The place is often regarded as an ideal getaway for the romantics, as there are dozens of natural sights and scenes to feast one's eyes on. Whether it is the hill station in Santiago or simply cruising through the exotic beach of Pichidangu, the trip to the country is simply worth taking and what better time to visit the place than the very event of Valentine's Day. This way, the travelers will not only be able to drink in the exquisite sights and sceneries, but will also get to view customs peculiar to only this part of the world. A very unique Valentine tradition in Chile is the hosting of ‘smooching contests'.

On Valentine's Day, lanes, stalls and shopping complexes are decorated all over the country and the nightclubs are packed with party lovers, seeking to enjoy the occasion to the max. Everywhere you go, every house you set your eyes on, you will feel an air of festivity wafting through the environment. A true Chilean style of celebrating the occasion is by preparing sumptuous and mouthwatering dishes, typical only to this region. This includes local cuisines like Pastel de choclo, Cazuela and the very popular ‘Mote con Huesillo'. The latter is a dessert and it is almost mandatory for every Chilean household to prepare it.

Gifting is another major aspect of the Valentine's Day celebration in Chile and this is often manifested in the form of cards, decors and chocolates. Adorning the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house is yet another attraction for the natives, during this time. This is usually done with balloons, handcrafts, streamers and such other décor items. Concerts are held in different parts of the country, where friends and family go to enjoy some quality time together. Special packages are offered by the commercial centers and restaurants for the masses, so that they can spend the occasion in their own sweet way.