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Valentine's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Russia. Read on to know the different Valentine's Day celebrations and traditions in Russia.

Valentine's Day in Russia

Celebrated across the world on 14th February, Valentine's Day resembles love in the air. A custom associated with this day is the giving and receiving of gifts. The ancient festival has grown several folds over the years, with more and more people being influenced by the idea of celebrating love and lovers. People express their love not only to their sweetheart, but also to all those they consider special. In Russia, Valentine's Day is observed to celebrate love and togetherness in the most classical way. The festival is observed as a public holiday. Russia contributes a lot to Valentine's Day, from whispering sweet nothings in your beloved's ear to contour the unspoken words while walking amidst the lush natural wilderness. Read on further to know more about Valentine's Day traditions in Russia and how it is celebrated there.

Valentine's Day Celebrations In Russia
A day to leave behind the worries and grudges, Valentine's Day celebrates the desire to feel the pulse of love. Although the celebrations are new in Russia, the day offers whole new diction to the fiesta of love and passion in the country. The young girls and boys play the important role in these celebrations. Boxes are kept in schools and universities where students place drop their love letters without mentioning their names. Teachers along with students are involved in the celebrations.

Flower bouquets and chocolates are very significant in the Valentine's Day celebrations. Flowers, especially the red roses, are the symbols of Valentine's Day and one of the things that men most popularly send or give to their wives or girlfriends. A country where a culture of flower giving already exists, different flower varieties and colors convey different meanings on this day, making the festival even more romantic and meaningful. They express the thoughts and emotions that sometimes cannot be expressed in words.

An event of sheer intimacy and closeness, Valentine's Day celebrations in Russia include party, dance, music, wines and food. Special parties are arranged in nightclubs, where couples spend the day in a special way. The buildings are adorned especially with lights to mark the festival. Special concerts and music shows are organized and attended by large number of people. Shops are decorated and displayed with different kinds of gift items, varying in structure, form and color to attract people. Valentine's Day is best celebrated by the young citizens in Russia.