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Given below are some of the most romantic gift basket ideas for Valentine's Day. Go through them and take your pick.

Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Shower lavish affection and display your good choice on this Valentine's Day by sending a perfect Valentine's Day gift basket to your 'someone special'. Gift baskets are a great way to express your appreciation and respect to your beloved. Pick up one of those romantic Valentines' baskets for your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend and surprise them with your love. It's a brilliant idea to send a valentine chocolate gift basket to your Mom or Dad. We bring you some unique gift basket ideas for Valentines' Day. Read further and decide the perfect one for your beloved.

My Dear Valentine
'My Dear Valentine' gift basket speaks volumes about your love and shows how much the person means to you. It may sound a little clichéd, but your beloved is sure to get bowled over by a lovely gift basket. This gift basket contains an assortment of candies, popcorn, brownies, and a cute looking teddy bear. The gift will instantly bring a big smile on your lover's face, especially for you.

Chocolate Gift Basket
As the name itself suggests, this Chocolate Gift Basket contains a collection of the most delightful chocolates in different shapes and flavors. These range from caramel flavored ones to the ones that have strawberry juice in the middle of the chocolate bar. The most popular shape is of course the heart -shaped ones. One can also have chocolate pretzels in them.

Romantic Evening Gift Basket
Romantic Evening Gift Basket is a gorgeous gift basket, which will set the mood for a perfect romantic evening with your beloved. This gift basket contains assorted chocolates, a candleholder, aroma candles, body massage lotion and a romantic evening book. Your beloved will love you all the more for such a romantic gift on such a romantic day.

Cookie Basket
The perfect gift basket for your (cookie) lover! Cookie basket contains an assortment of twenty different types of chocolate-chip cookies arranged delightfully in a shape of a heart. This basket may also contain a red heart shaped balloons tied to the edges. Decorate the basket using frills and red ribbons for added effect.

Little Basket for a Little One
This Valentine's Day, don't forget to gift a basket to your little one. You will feel like you have reached cloud nine when you see your little one's face light up at the sight of this lovely gift basket. This basket contains a variety of cookies and candies along with lollies and little satin hearts in pink. The whole basket can be decorated with delicate satin pink ribbons. For the final touch, don't forget to add a cute looking teddy bear to which some heart shaped balloons have been tied.