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Valentine's Day in Denmark is a grand event celebrated with pomp and gaiety. Read on to know about Valentines Day celebrations & traditions in Denmark.

Valentine's Day in Denmark

True and undying love is not the exhilarating initial phase of attraction that always attracts the young, but something much deeper than that. It is the deep-set emotions between two people, who have become so much entwined together that it is impossible to separate the roots of this relation. Renowned philosophers, poets and writers have tried hard throughout the ages, to capture the real essence of the concept, but were unable to make a tryst with even its boundaries. In the words of the famous Charles Dickens, “A loving heart is the truest wisdom”. Such a divine human sentiment definitely needs to be rejoiced and celebrated. It is only for this sole purpose that the festival of Valentine's Day is observed on 14th February every year. the day is celebrated with much enthusiasm in the country of Denmark as well. In this article, we will help you explore Valentine's Day traditions in Denmark.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Denmark
When it comes to love and romance, can the Danes be far behind? Highly cultured and extremely well versed in every aspect of social life, the Danish people have their own unique customs of observing Valentine's Day. One can almost feel an aura of excitement and spirit in the air during this time. Although extremely youth-centric, people of almost all age groups take part in the celebrations and there is a general atmosphere of giving and receiving. Live concerts, exhibitions and flower displays are yet another major aspect of Valentine's Day celebration in Denmark. People arrange their houses with decorations and even book halls to celebrate the occasion with their friends and family.

Some Valentine traditions peculiar to only this part of the world are also observed.  One such custom is the gifting of white flowers called “Snowdrops”. Flowers are picked with immense love and utmost care and these flowers are sent to their lovers and friends. Gaekkebrev is yet another popular Valentine's Day tradition, wherein people send special love notes, poems and funny messages to their loved ones. Along with this, the sender has to pen down a rhyme for his sweetheart. However, he is not supposed to write his name on it and instead has to sign the message with dots for the lady. The girl, on receiving the message, has to guess the name of the sender. If she succeeds in doing so, she is awarded with an ‘Easter Egg' that very year.

Another interesting Valentine tradition is that of ‘Lover's Card'. It is almost customary for every Dane to present his sweetheart with a romantic Valentine's Day card. Originally, these cards were in the form of transparent sheets which, when kept in front of light, reflected the image of a lover presenting a wonderful gift to his beloved. However, today, every card is regarded as a lover's cards. On this day, mouth-watering dishes are prepared, games are organized and different sorts of gifts are exchanged. For the party animals, pubs and discotheques are the best options, which usually operate till the dawn of the day. Thus, amidst joy and merriment, the Danish people celebrate love, emotion and passion in the purest form on Valentine's Day.