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Spread a smile on your love face by listing out the reasons for loving him/ her. Impress your lover by telling 'reasons why I love you so much'.

Reasons Why I Love You

Picture this: You are giving a bouquet of gorgeous roses to your beloved. You expect a generous hug, a peck on the cheek, or at least a warm "thank you". Instead you are asked, "Why do you love me?" It clearly indicates that the person you love wants you to sweep them off their feet with obviously genuine and meaningful flattering words. However, we agree that sometimes it becomes difficult to answer these spur of the moment questions even though you are in deep love with her. This question demands an intelligent answer that is more based on her attributes and gestures rather physical. For these momental questions, we, at Iloveindia, bring you some momentary answers that will make you stand out among the rest. This can even be ideal for gifting on your special occasions. So go ahead and choose your best answer from the list given below to answer this often asked question.

Why I Love You So Much