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Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and happiness in Mexico. Check out what special traditions Mexicans follow, on Valentines Day.

Valentine's Day in Mexico

Mexico is situated in the northern zone of America and is regarded as a very popular tourist spot, having one of the largest tourism industries in the world. A unique blend of the past and the present, Mexico has something to offer to every person. Whether it is the beautiful beach resorts that flavor your taste buds or the famous ruins of Mesoamerican era that you like, the country has something for everyone. It is regarded as the ‘Ultimate Tourist Destination' and a very romantic honeymoon locale. Hence, the festival of Valentine's Day regionally, referred to as Día de San Valentin or El Día del Amor y la Amistad, is celebrated in a very grand manner. Not only are there local gatherings during the occasion, but there is a massive influx of tourists who come to celebrate the festival in the true Mexican way. The occasion is like a fiesta or a gala event that reflects the fun-loving nature of the natives and the residents. Explore in detail, the Valentine's Day traditions in Mexico.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Mexico
There has never been a dearth of romantic spots and locales in Mexico and it is for this very reason that lovers and enthusiasts always find themselves pulled by the magnetism of the country. On Valentine's Day, some prefer lazing around with their partner in a hammock, near the beaches, while others prefer to enjoy the colorful celebrations of the road shows and concerts in the country. Whatever be the way, it is certain that people always enjoy their time and stay in the country. Here, the festival is not only about love, but also a celebration of unending and true friendship. It is for this reason that every individual is equally involved in the event.

On Valentine's Day, flowers, chocolates and cards sell like hot cakes in Mexico. In fact, many of the people plan months ahead, as to how they are going to flatter and pamper their partner. Some even try their hands on various forms of homemade crafts, with a view to add a personalized touch. There is absolutely no limit to which people use their creativity and imagination, on this day. They even shower money on lavish and luxurious gifts, to show how much their partner means to them. The aim behind all this is to celebrate love and relationships.

On Valentine's Day, bars and pubs in Mexico remain packed with people whose prime aim is to party hard, till the very dawn of the day. Some even plan get-togethers at home, where all members of the family spend some quality time together. Sumptuous meals are prepared and make the event an occasion to remember. There is absolutely no reason for any one to feel left out, as there is something for everyone. People even buy flowers and gifts for their friends and family members and the general environment is a happy one. The basic idea is to let your loved ones know that you care and wish them to be happy and contented in life.