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Valentine's Day is celebrated with much pomp and glory all over Austria. Read on to know more on Valentines Day celebrations & traditions in Austria.

Valentine's Day in Austria

Whether it is hiking through the hilly slopes of the Alps or grazing through the beautiful terrain in the eastern and northern margins, people have found Austria a ‘Lover's Paradise' throughout the ages. There is something very enchanting about its unending romantic landscapes, which allure people from all over, to dwell in their beauty and splendor. It is but natural that the festival of Valentine's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the place. Cards, flowers, chocolates and such other expressions of love are exchanged and the entire environment is of merriment and gaiety. The festival is not only a celebration of romantic love between two people, but also a form of appreciation and care between family members, friends and acquaintances. Saint Valentine's Day is observed on 14th Feb every year and is named in the honor of two early Christian martyrs called Valentine. Read on to know about Valentine's Day traditions in Austria.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Austria
Each place has its unique customs and traditions of celebrating a festival and when it comes to Valentine's Day, the customs of the romantic place called Austria are very fascinating and intriguing. It has been a long-standing tradition for men in the country to buy flowers for their sweetheart, on this day. Although there seems nothing special about this tradition, an interesting twist is that the men have to pay attention to the details. This implies that they have to find out what type of flowers their sweetheart prefers. This selection has to be made keeping both the color factor and the fragrance of the flowers in mind. The women are thrilled to find out that their partner has tried so hard to please them and gone out of their way to find out what they prefer.

The unique courtship custom of Austria has become quite a rage throughout the ages and is widely practiced in the region. Recent effects of globalization have also left its mark in the country and the intermingling of different cultures has brought new facets and dimensions to the celebration of Valentine's Day. Apart from the traditional techniques of professing love through the usage of romantic cards, decor and chocolates, recent impact of technology like SMS, voice messages and Emails have also made an impact on the observation of the festival. Media and broadcasting centers are also being used to some extent, to promote and advance the celebration.