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Given here are famous romantic poems for Valentine's Day. Read about love poems for Valentines Day.

Romantic Poems

With Valentine's Day around the corner, chocolate hearts, roses and greeting cards are everywhere. Take the extra mile by being creative to show that you care for your love. Poetry is the most ideal way to express your deepest emotions in the most beautiful form. Poets are known for literally getting drunk with love. They convey your feelings in a few words in a very special and elegant manner. The feelings with which they write poetry are unexplainable. Gift your lover one of the famous poems for Valentine's Day. It is the most beautiful gift you can give your beloved.

A poem may not be necessarily long, what matters are the thought that goes into it. Memorize one of the classics and recite it to your lover; it sure will be greatly cherished by your beloved for life. This will be one of the most romantic Valentine's Day ideas to spell that magic on your love life. We have compiled some famous poems for Valentine's Day. Hold your beloved's hands and narrate a cute poem while looking deep into his/ her eyes. Enjoy the romantic and beautiful collection of Valentine's Day

She Was a Phantom of Delight
Written by an English romantic poet, William Wordsworth, the poem "She was a phantom of delight" is a mystical introspection related to religious pantheistic creed. The poem depicts the man's love for the woman he is in love with. It is about developing as a conscious being.

A Red Red Rose
'My love is like a red, red rose' is a song written by Robert Burns in 1794 based on traditional sources. The song was completed by the author in an English dialect called Scots for publishing it in collections of traditional Scottish ballads. The song is also referred by the title 'Red, red rose' and published as a poem.

'Attraction' is a short poem from Ella Wheeler Wilcox's best known works 'Poems of Passion'. An American author and poet, Ella expressed sentiments of cheer and optimism in her poems. Her plainly written, rhyming verses popularized her as a literary poet.

The magic of love transforms everything into beauty. An ideal Valentine's Day gift could be love poem to connect you to your lover and show your undying love for each other. Recall your old days and express your love with the following given poem, perfect for the occasion. Given here is a poem 'Beauty' written by John Edward Masefield, a known English poet and writer.

Bright Star
The poem "Bright Star" was written by an English poet, John Keats to show his infatuation to be with his lover for eternity. The main theme of the poem deals with the love and appreciation of things that are unchanging. The poet expresses deep feelings towards his lover and would welcome death, if he had to live without her.

Solitary Reaper
The ballad "The Solitary Reaper" written by an English romantic poet, William Wordsworth, is one of the best known works in English literature. The theme of the poem is focused on the tone, expressive beauty and the blissful mood. The poet has identified the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling at the heart of poetry.