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Valentine's Day is a very popular celebration throughout Canada. Read on to get an idea about Valentines Day traditions in Canada.

Valentine's Day in Canada

Love, emotion and romance - these words hold a special place in the heart of the natives and residents of Canada. When it comes to Valentine's Day, what is more important to these people is celebrating the event in the traditional way. They believe that everything should be done with perfection and prefer the occasion to be celebrated in a way that they would remember it for their entire life. Although not a public holiday, the festival of Valentine's Day is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm by the Canadians. A gist of the ways and methods of celebrating this unique occasion by the Canadians has been given below. Let us explore all about the Valentine's Day traditions in Canada.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Canada
It was towards the middle of 19th century that the awareness of Valentine's Day began to increase among the masses and people began to relate more and more to the concept of celebrating the festival. It was particularly during this time that it became a rage, first in the States and then in the neighboring Canada. This was initially an attempt by the industrialists and the manufacturers of paper lace and cards, to promote their products. Eventually, the festival emerged as something bigger than expected, with people going out of their way to profess their love for their partner and sweetheart.

Initially, in some parts of Canada, it was customary to exchange hand written notes and paintings between lovers. This aspect has been now largely replaced by printed cards and e-letters. All over the country, parties and balls are arranged and lovers have a blast enjoying to the hilt. This is, in fact, like an opportunity for the people there, to express their undying love for their partners. Flower bouquets, chocolates and candies are exchanged and the entire atmosphere is a joyous one. Valentine's Day is not only dedicated to partners and spouses, but the joyous mood is also shared by children.

In Canada, it is customary for children to exchange Valentine's Day gifts with their friends. In a number of schools over the region, Valentine's Day parties are arranged, where the children are asked to put in their valentines in an ornamented box. Later on, these gifts are distributed by the teacher or a classmate. This is also seen as a way to encourage the creativity and imagination of the kids as they are even allowed to prepare homemade valentines. Apart from this, short plays, songs and concerts are also arranged, giving the children an opportunity to intermingle and socialize in a better way.