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One can almost feel the energy & excitement in the air in Slovakia, during Valentine's Day celebration. Know all about Valentine's Day traditions in Slovakia.

Valentine's Day in Slovakia

A powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, having an inherent zeal to live life to the fullest - that's Slovakia for you! This country, located in the central zone of Europe, is a sight to look at, whenever there is any celebration or festival. The entire country becomes attractive and dazzling with enchanting light displays. Love is an emotion to be cherished, a celebration to be rejoiced and the Slovakians know just how to do it. A complete believer of fun and frolic, they celebrate the festival of Valentine's Day with great pomp and glory. With this article, we will help you explore Valentine's Day traditions in Slovakia.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Slovakia
Every place has its own inherent customs and rituals when it comes to celebrating an occasion and the Slovakians are no different. In Slovakia, people indulge in a lot of outdoor activities and enjoyment during Valentine's Day. The entire place gets dotted with scented candles, red roses, heart-shaped balloons and such other decorations. It's really a sight to look at and one can almost feel an aura of love all around. Arranging for outings or get-togethers is a must during the festival and this is the time when friends and family members meet to spend some quality time together.

It is seen that lovers and couples are not the only ones who get to enjoy the flavor of the festival in Slovakia, rather people of all age groups rejoice and celebrate. On Valentine's Day, games are arranged, mouth-watering delicacies are prepared and the whole environment is a merry one. Many-a-times, people make short trips to nearby locales, amongst which a very popular destination is the city of Bratislava. During the occasion, every corner and every lane in the city is gorgeously adorned with colorful decors and lights. On this day, the country gets to witness some of the most attractive live concerts, both at the national and the international levels.

A popular town located in the southern zone of Slovakia is the spa town of Trencianske Teplice. This place allures a lot of visitors every year, who come bid to pamper themselves and their partner in the healing waters of the spa. The resort in Slovakia offers special packages around Valentine's Day and many cultural events are also held, involving a lot of music, dance, food and drinks. As the brightness of the day fades and a dark sheath wraps the sky above, people head to some of the most popular pubs and discotheques, to party. Thus, it is seen that the festival is observed with excitement and fun by the natives and residents of Slovakia.