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Valentine's Day is a massive social event, with celebrations being undertaken all over Singapore. Read on to know about Valentines Day traditions in Singapore.

Valentine's Day in Singapore

The various cultural invasions through centuries have made Singapore one of the most multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan countries of the world. The region is regarded as a center for arts and culture and this is reflected in the innumerous festive ceremonies and occasions that are celebrated here, in a grand manner. Having a great influence of art, cuisine, music and historic romance, the country celebrates Valentine's Day with much pomp and glory. On this day, the entire ambience in the country is fun-filled, full of crazy love blended together with an assortment of exciting events and concerts, all lined up to allure travelers and romantics from different parts of the world. One can almost feel the excitement and energy in the air, as masses venture out to get into the true mood of the festival. Preparations are made months ahead and carnivals and open concerts are arranged, converting the entire occasion into a mega event. Read on, to check out all about the Valentine's Day traditions in Singapore.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Singapore
To honor and commemorate the good deeds of the renowned Roman priest, St Valentine, people in Singapore celebrate the festival of Valentine's Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. This day also coincides with the Chinese New Year festivities. On the 15th day of the festival, unmarried women gather near the banks of the great Singapore River and wish to find their soul mates. Under the dark sheath of the night, these women throw Mandarin oranges into the river, hoping to find a good life partner. Many people even organize for outings and adventure sports and one can choose from a wide range of options, like boat racing, bungee jumping and so on.

Popularly regarded as an auspicious day by the masses, Valentine's Day is also the day for many young couples to tie the knot, who believe that it will provide a good start to a life full of happiness and joy. In fact, weddings and social gatherings are quite common in Singapore, around Valentine's Day. Needless to say, the young and the energetic make a bee line to the popular pubs and restaurants in the country. Dazzling night shows are organized and there is something exciting to do for people of every mindset. Whether it is a romantic candlelight dinner for two or a rendezvous at a popular handout place with some friends, everyone can enjoy on this day.

Valentine's Day is a grand affair in Singapore and is like a rollercoaster ride of endless fun, enjoyment and merrymaking. A very traditional way of professing one's love for a partner is by gifting beautiful flowers, as they are always connected with feelings, love and romance. Different shades of flowers convey different meaning and for presenting to a beloved, red rose tops the list. Apart from flowers, valentine cards are also great for showing your partner how much you care. The messages in these cards can be anything, from sweet romantic wishes to wacky ones. Depending on the depth and the degree of connection of the relationship, these cards are chosen and gifted along with other tokens of love.