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Valentine's Day is a grand event in South Africa, associated with many traditions. Read on to know how Valentines Day celebrations take place in South Africa.

Valentine's Day in South Africa

Nature has bestowed South Africa with some of the most beautiful scenes and sights and one gets almost awestruck looking at the lush greenery and the panoramic views of the place. The place is like a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Every year, couples looking for complete and total privacy head towards the small coastal villages dotting the region. The innumerous wildlife parks located all over the country, like the renowned Kruger National Park, are also hot favorite among the tourists and the animal lovers. Such an exquisite and romantic place is a must visit on Valentine's Day. In case you want to explore Valentine's Day traditions in South Africa, read on.

Valentines Day Celebrations in South Africa
The prime attractions in South Africa around Valentine's Day are the exotic islands of Cape Town and Johannesburg. These places host a number of fun-filled activities like river rafting and mountaineering and as such, remain quite crowded during this time of the year. If it's seclusion and privacy that you are looking for, the luxurious resorts located in these islands can take you to another world, as they offer some of the most enthralling views on earth. In fact, these places are rated as some of the most romantic destinations on the surface of this planet.

Certain coastal areas in South Africa, like the small township of Hermanus overlooking the Walker Bay, are the best if you want to detach yourself from the rest of the world and spend some quality time with your sweetheart. The place also offers some of the finest regional cuisines, along with some good regional wines, offering you an insight of the African culture and tradition. The cheerful and happy nature of the Africans can be easily viewed Valentine's Day, as many parties and get-togethers are held. Music is an essential component of the festival and there is something very charming about traditional African music. The native songs are very soul touching and one can really get to feel the beauty of the place from these songs.

The valentine parties are also accompanied by groovy moves on the dance floor, along with alcoholic beverages. Preparations for these parties start months ahead and people of every caste and creed get to participate and enjoy equally. The festival can also be regarded as a way to unify people of different cultural backgrounds, as it observes no boundaries and limitations. Exchange of gifts is yet another custom observed by the people and beautifully decorated flower bouquets, traditional African style decorations, chocolates and cards are presented by people to their sweetheart. Thus, amidst merriment and fun, the festival is observed by the natives and residents of the exotic country of South Africa.