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Given here are popular romantic novels for Valentine's Day. Check out famous love novels.

Romantic Novels

Books have always been fascinating to many people. It is as if they have a world of their own. And that world is more fascinating and romantic than our dull and mundane lives. What better way to lose yourself completely in that beautiful world than reading those romantic novels. It is hard to imagine anyone with a young heart, who has not read romantic novels that have enchanted the lovers across the globe since a long time. Romantic books can take you to a different world altogether, where you can feel the warmth of romance between the characters and make yourself very much a part of the romantic saga that is unfolding.

Romantic books are also one of the ideal gifts to drench your beloved in the spirit of love. Even those who are not very fond of reading find it hard to resist the impact of romantic novels and grab a copy to wander in that surreal world where many people have lost themselves and their hearts. While there are innumerable romantic novels that have been penned by authors who knew the power of love, there are some which are worth finding a place in the list of the best romantic novels. There are some famous love novels that we think are a must read. Check out our collection of some popular novels for Valentine's Day. You can also gift any of them to your beloved.

A Place to Call Home
'A Place to Call Home' is a romantic novel by the renowned writer Deborah Smith. The novel is based on the life of a rural family in Georgia. The novel has distinct characters that are believable. The budding romance between two young hearts is beautifully narrated by the author and is sure to move the readers.

Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel by author Jane Austen. Given here is a short summary of the famous novel. It is a fine blend of romance, with some very dramatic situations, and succeeds in making people believe that such a love story is possible. This novel is a personal favorite of the author herself.

It Had to Be You
One of the most impressive novels by Susan Elizabeth Philips, this romantic novel is all about the magic of loving and being loved. "It Had To Be You" traces the story of a young woman who struggles against all odds to make her life perfect. She tries to cover up some horrible traumatic things that have happened to her in the past.

Love Story
Probably one of the best love stories ever told, Love Story is one romantic novel that is sure to move you. Love means never having to say you're sorry. Erich Wolf Segal has done a brilliant job in portraying two characters with which an entire generation could identify themselves. He has balanced the competition between father and son and the love of husband and wife.

Paradise is by far one of the best romantic novels by Judith McNaught. The novel brings to life many emotions and shows the clash between the well off and the not so well off. It is a classic romantic love story that portrays a timeless inspiration to every romance a person can encounter.