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Read here to know about some fascinating romantic weekend getaways for vacation and honeymoon.

Romantic Getaways

Those romantic moments you spend with your beloved are absolutely priceless. It becomes only better when you both visit those famous romantic destinations and keep your romance alive. There are many exclusive romantic places for couples and some places offer special treatment for all the couples who visit these destinations. Moreover, there are romantic hotels that have luxurious rooms, beautiful grounds and offer special couples' packages for romantic getaways and retreats. At these hotels have fluffy bathrobes, a room with a view and a Jacuzzi tub along with excellent services. So check out the most popular and top romantic getaways for couples for Valentine's Day and decide which one you are going to visit with your beloved.

The ultimate romantic getaway is a very personal choice be it a weekend in a peaceful country side, a elegant hotel in the center of a buzzing city or simply a hammock for two alongside sparkling seas. Few of the most romantic getaway destinations are California, Las Vegas, Europe, New Zealand, Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Goa and Kerala in India. Apart from these top romantic destinations, check our top 10 romantic destinations for two for further details. Also, do not miss out our ideas on how to plan romantic as well as surprise getaways. Get set ready and treat your partner with a surprise of a romantic getaway. When it comes to vacations, can families be left behind? So check out our section on popular getaways for families and enjoy those precious moments with your family.

Family Getaways
Family getaways are always fun filled and provide an ideal opportunity to be with your family and revive fond memories. Some people prefer quiet places while some people prefer something that is exciting and amusing. Some places offer romantic vacations for families too. Even when you are with your kids and other members of your family, you can have romantic vacation with your spouse.

Romantic Getaway Ideas
The time has been rushing with days turning into weeks and weeks turning into months. You have been so lost into making money that you have forgotten to live, leave aside wondering of your partner. Clearly, it is time for you both to take a break from the city life and travel to a romantic place to know your partner again.

Planning a Surprise Getaway
Have you always wanted to whisk away your beloved on a surprise vacation? Imagine the look on their faces when they come to know that you have been planning a surprise getaway just to make him/her smile. It is the best way to reconnect with your beloved that becomes almost impossible with the daily chores.

Top Romantic Getaways
So you have started feeling that you have lost spice in your life? You have married and settled but it still seems that you are far away as both of you have been quite busy in jobs. You have been mechanically following the same old routine of getting up, going to work and not finding time for yourself. Have a break guys and just pack to travel to some of the most romantic places! Give a damn to the work (for sometime off course) and chill out at one of your favorite destinations.