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Scandinavia celebrates Valentine's Day though not on a high level. Read on to know the Valentine's Day celebrations & traditions in Scandinavia.

Valentine's Day in Scandinavia

Celebrated on 14th February every year, Valentine's Day has captured hearts across the world. It marks the sprit of love, where lovers express their feelings for each other by sending cards, flowers and offering confectionery. Places like parks, restaurants, malls and multiplexes are thronged with couples holding hands and expressing their love. Valentine's Day is also celebrated in all the countries of Scandinavia, like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. Every country has its own unique tradition of celebrating the day. Read through the following lines to know about Valentine's Day celebrations and traditions in each country of Scandinavia.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Scandinavia

In Norway, though Valentine's Day is not celebrated in a grandeur style, it is an important date in the social calendar of younger folks. Red hearts symbolize Valentine's Day and thus, can be seen in the form of balloons, gifts and cards, in shop windows' displays. People express their love by gifting cards, flowers and chocolates to their sweethearts. Though the concept of giving cards and gifts was introduced only in the late 1980s, it continues till date.

In Denmark, Valentines' Day is a major attraction among the youth. An interesting custom connected with this day is sending pressed white flowers called Snowdrops to friends. Parties are organized, where food, dancing and music play an integral role. Hotels and clubs make special arrangements for this day. Adventurous couples spend the day in an appealing vacation spot. Gifts include rose bouquets, chocolates, and handmade gift baskets containing wines, cakes, fruits and gourmet foods.

In Sweden, roses, jelly hearts and pastries take the forefront on Valentine's Day. The festival is common among the young children and teenagers. Swedish hotels offer special packages for this occasion and also make special arrangements for food, dance and music. The flower shops are loaded with a variety of flowers, ranging in color, shape and size. Events are organized in the night clubs, bars and discos. Some couples choose to spend the closeness with their beloved at dazzling beaches.

In Iceland, Valentine's Day marks the season of love with immense passion. A common custom is to send flowers and different types of bouquets to the beloved. Florist shops can be seen selling red rose bouquets all across the country, though most couples now prefer using gladioli, frangipani, orchids, freesias and ferns also. The natural beaches, the striking boulevard and the somber cliffs deck up their brow to celebrate Valentine's Day.

In Finland, Valentine's Day is more associated with Friendship's Day. Thus, love is not the only emotion in the air on this day, rather it is also dedicated to the celebration of the beautiful bond of friendship. People send across gifts, chocolates and flowers to friends and remember their loved ones. Young Finns consider the day to be perfect for getting married or engaged.