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In Scotland, Valentine's Day is a mega event, celebrated by people of all age groups. Delve in detail, on Valentines Day celebrations & traditions in Scotland.

Valentine's Day in Scotland

It is often said that there is only one happiness in life and that is to love and be loved. Renowned poets and scholars have often tried to categorize and explain this deep-set emotion called love, but only a few have been able to come close to the boundaries of this concept. It is a known fact that to be happy, one needs to learn how to give and receive love. Also, expression is very necessary to show our feelings and emotions. In Scotland, on 14th February every year, people of all age groups come together to honor and celebrate this unique human emotion. This is the day when people, irrespective of their religious beliefs and regional boundaries, profess their undying love for their partner. The entire region of Scotland looks like a fairyland - a dream during the occasion of Valentine's Day. Every nook and corner of the place is decorated with beautiful glistening lights, colorful decorations are hung in the different malls and shopping complexes. Read on to get a better idea of the Valentine's Day traditions in the exotic country called Scotland.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Scotland
Very few people know that the remains of St Valentine, who is deeply associated with Valentine's Day, still rest in a church of Blessed St John Duns Scotus, in Glasgow city of Scotland. This fact has, over the years, led to the gradual conversion of the city as the 'City of Love'. It is but natural that the festival of Valentine's Day is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm all over. Moreover, the entire country is dotted with beautiful and exquisite romantic locales. So well known is the region for its romantic venues that every year, particularly during Valentine's Day, young couples and lovers make a bee-line to this region, to enjoy the festival in its true sense.

The small village of Gretna Green, located over the Scottish border, on the passage from England to Glasgow, is especially regarded as a ‘Lover's Paradise' and is in fact, very famous for its romantic weddings. The village is also known for being a place where young couples used to elope at a very tender age. As per the English Law, young couples were not allowed to marry before the reach the age of 18 whereas in Scotland, this age limit is 16. So, young couples used to run away to get married. A Valentine's Day without cards and flowers to profess and express one's love is definitely not complete! The same holds true in Scotland as well.

Love cards and greetings are popularly known as Valentines in Scotland and come in different shapes and patterns. Sending beautiful cards has almost become like a tradition and even the teenagers and the young folks join in to impress the boy or girl that they are interested in. Some even take this to the extent of writing romantic poems for their sweetheart and delivering it by post. Part of the tradition was that you are not supposed to sign or indicate your name. It was entirely up to the person who you sent to, to make a guess about the sender. Some people even decide to get engaged and tie the knot on this day. Many of these traditions continue till date.