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Valentine's Day is celebrated in a grand manner in Estonia. Go through the info provided below, on Valentines Day traditions & Celebrations in Estonia.

Valentine's Day in Estonia

The culture and way of living of Estonian people have been greatly influenced by pre-Christian mythology, which can still be seen in the present times. Although a recent introduction in the social culture of the country, Valentine's Day is an event of massive celebration all over. This can be particularly viewed in the major cities of the country, where arrangements for the festival start months ahead. In fact, people from all over the world come to this beautiful country to be a part of the celebrations and observe a memorable Valentine with their soul mate. Like with any other countries in the world, this day of love is celebrated on 14th February in Estonia as well. This is basically to pay honor to one of the greatest patrons of love, St Valentine, who dedicated his entire life helping the poor and the needy. A Messiah for the deprived and the disadvantaged – St Valentine stood against any form of injustice for which, later on, he was condemned by the Roman emperor and was sentenced to death. Later on, during the Middle Ages, a romantic notion was attached to this festival, as the concept of courtly love highly flourished all over Europe and the adjoining areas. In this article, we will help you explore Valentine's Day traditions in Estonia.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Estonia
Valentine's Day celebrations in Estonia are very unique and interesting, as the day is not only about being with one's partner, but is also a wonderful observation of the relation of love, romance and friendship. Thus, people of all age groups and mind-set take equal participation on this day. Get-togethers are also arranged, converting the event into a fiesta or a gala occasion. Traditionally, the customs observed in the country are called as Sobrapaev and are usually marked by exquisite decorations all around. Flowers, ribbons and such decorations can be seen adorning the different boulevards and shopping complexes. People even decorate and ornament their houses with bright attractive lights and invite friends and family to spend some quality time together.

Some of the major attractions of Valentine's Day in Estonia are live musical shows, theatrical performances, folk dances and delicious traditional cuisine. All the popular restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels in the country get booked and many places even provide special offers, in a bid to allure customers. The young can be mostly found freaking and enjoying their time with friends and partners in clubs and discotheques. The entire country becomes alive with the sounds and sights of the event. Those who prefer some private moments with their partner can either enjoy the festival over a candlelight dinner or take a tour to some romantic locale in the country. Whatever be the way, one can almost feel strong love and emotions in the air.

Apart from enjoying the special moments of Valentine's Day with friends, family members and partners, people often present gifts and other tokens of love to each other. It is a known fact that there is nothing better than love finding some form of expression. From handmade crafts to elaborate luxurious gifts, one can choose from a wide range of Valentine gifts. Very popular among the masses are special Valentine chocolates, heart-shaped decorations, cards and such other gifts of love. Gifts are exchanged among the young couples as well as the children and also the adults. There is no bar or restrictions in the celebration of the festival. It is indeed a grand occasion in the country.