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Valentine's Day in Hungary is an occasion when lovers shower gifts over their sweetheart. Know about Valentine's Day celebrations & traditions in Hungary.

Valentine's Day in Hungary

If asked to frame the Hungarians in a few words, they would definitely be - fun loving, energetic and enthusiastic. The natives of the country make it a point to celebrate each and every occasion to the max and this outlook is what makes any festival here unique and worth celebrating. And, if it is about honoring the basic instinct of human nature - love, one can but imagine the extent to which the event will be celebrated in this country. In Hungary, Valentine's Day is more or less like a fiesta, celebrating the togetherness and intimacy between two human beings. One can almost feel love in the air, wafting through the different nooks and corners of the place. Like any other place in the world, Valentine's Day is celebrated in its entire splendor on 14th February in Hungary as well. Although the festival established its roots in the High Middle Ages, the form and figure shaped up only during the later part of the 20th century, due to the effects of globalization and the resultant intermingling of cultures. With this article, we will help you explore the major Valentine's Day traditions in Hungary.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Hungary
On Valentine's Day, everywhere you go in Hungary, every lane you pass through, you will be greeted by brightly decorated houses, glittering lights and the sweet aroma of delicacies and cuisines. The rhythm of love songs, the soft clink of champagne glasses, the sweetness of chocolates and the exquisite fragrance of red rose - all of these blend together to make this day worth celebrating in the country. It is for this very reason that travelers and tourists from all over the world come to this place to feel the real thump of the season of love.

A major aspect of Valentine's Day celebration in Hungary is the cuisine. Gourmet meals are prepared on this day and this includes various traditional as well as non-traditional recipes. Nowadays, intermixing of cultures has opened the doors to different varieties of dishes and recipes. It is seen that food plays a very important role in the celebrations. Popular among the masses are fried vegetables, pasta, honey sprinkled salmon, lobsters coated with herbs, duck breast served with pear-chardonnay sauce and such other mouth-watering dishes.

If you are an outdoor person or like to enjoy special moments in some chic restaurant city, Hungary is your best call. The entire country is dotted with chains of restaurants and pubs and on Valentine's Day, they are drowned in the mood of the occasion. It is seen that the country caters to the personal mood of every sect of people residing there. Apart from this, gifting is another major part of the celebration and this is observed quite lavishly all over the place. Lovers shower tokens of love over their sweetheart, in the form of cards, flowers and chocolates. Hence, it is seen that the Hungarians spend the entire day enjoying and merry-making.