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Given here are tips for asking someone out. This should solve the question of how to ask someone out for a date.

How to Ask Out

Most men and women are tongue-tied when it comes to asking someone out. It is natural to feel shy and inhibited while proposing someone, as you have no idea what the answer is going to be. Rejection is one of our major fears which prevent people from making the first move and they keep waiting eternally for their love interest to understand what their emotion-filled eyes are trying to express. However, doing the proposing certainly increases your chances of being with the person you like. After all, you can't keep waiting for some magic to happen and things to turn in your favor.

You like someone a lot, yet are clueless when it comes to asking that person out. What is the right way to ask your love-interest out is still playing on your mind and you are not able to decide how to go about to it. Fear not, as we bring you the answer to the question of how to ask out. Given in our related sections are tips for asking out for men and women. Boost your confidence and be prepared to do the proposing. Always remember, it is better to ask out and get a no, than not to have asked out at all. You obviously don't want to regret the fact that you never tried your luck.

How to Ask Her Out
Asking a girl out can be the toughest of propositions to make. However, nothing is impossible for a determined man, who is firm on his decision to ask her girl out. If you have already gathered enough guts to talk to her and get her number, it is time to take the next step and take your relationship to a more serious level. All said and done, you may be totally clueless as to how to ask her out. It may seem perfectly easy at first, but as you proceed towards it, you tend to develop cold feet! We bring you tips to ask a woman for a date.

How to Ask Him Out
Asking a guy out may sound a little audacious to you, though the trend seems to be reversing now. It is the 21st century and asking a guy out does not raise eyebrows anymore. However, this is unfamiliar territory for most women. Even if a woman likes a man, she is forever stuck on the question of how to ask him out. Solution is at hand now, as we bring tips to ask a man for date. Most men love it when women make the first move.