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Valentine's Day is a mega social event in Cuba, with celebrations panning the country. Read on to know more about Valentines Day traditions in Cuba.

Valentine's Day in Cuba

Senors and Senoritas - Es hora de festejar! Yes, this is definitely the time to party and enjoy as the festival of Valentine's Day engulfs all the Cubans in its exquisite sheath. The festival has been a grand affair for the natives since a long time, as reflected in the endless parties and balls organized on the day. However, one is hardly surprised by this fact, as the country has always been associated with passionate love and soul-consuming romance. In fact, it will be an understatement to say that Cubans are romantics. If one ever has the opportunity of a tryst with some classic Cuban music, like Esto Si Que Esta Gracioso by Trio La Rosa and Bajo un palmar by Barbarito Diez, one will be left with no doubts in mind about the passion of Cubans. Celebrated on 14th February every year, Valentine's Day was initially observed to honor some early Christian martyrs, but later on, the event acquired a different form altogether. Today, it has assumed the form of a romantic celebration, where people profess their undying love for their sweethearts and partners. Explore in detail, the Valentine Day traditions followed in Cuba.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Cuba
Gift giving and receiving is an essential component of Valentine's Day festival in Cuba and lavish gifts are showered on loved ones. Although this is mostly a celebration of romantic love between two people, friends, family and acquaintance also take part in it, through get-togethers and parties. Preparing special meals is a vital part of these celebrations and the whole house is adorned with beautiful decors and ornaments. Sometimes, people even arrange for picnics, to enjoy the real flavor of nature. Hotels and resorts are usually pre-packed during this time of the year, as travelers come here to celebrate the festival the Cuban way. These restaurants provide special festive meals, with a hint of the traditional style. They even arrange for music and dance, so that people get to celebrate the festival in the best way possible.

It is often said that romance and passion runs in the veins of the Cubans and every person there has his or her own love story to tell. Whether favoring the traditional side of the festival or going for the sheer dynamism of the modern ways, every person can choose his pick. Pubs, clubs and discotheques are lined up with crowd and people party hard till they are drained of their last drop of energy. Gifts are exchanged and people dwell in the true essence of the festival. Roses are a popular pick for the occasion and it is almost customary for every person to gift their sweetheart flowers of their favorite color. So, this year, come and feel being reborn as you celebrate the festival of Valentine's Day in the glorious heaven called Cuba.