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The myth of Yamal Iri is interesting as well as exciting. Read on to know more about its story, origin and the traditions related to it.

Yamal Iri

The myths and traditions associated with Christmas are innumerable. It becomes more interesting when these myths differ with each country or region. One such myth is the Yamal Iri. It is a local adaption of Santa initiated in the Yamal peninsula in Russia. When they decided to have a Santa on their own, the tourist organizations in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug came forward with a character based on the art works of children. They supported it with a legend of Terlei, who is the folk hero belonging to the Northern region of Russia. A Good Samaritan and an extensive traveler, Yamal Iri does rituals to make people members of Northern brotherhood. Coming with a drum which drives away the evil spirits, Yamal Iri also spreads positive energy and happiness to the people who surround him. Read on to know more about the story of Yamal Iri and the myths associated with it.

The Story Of Yamal Iri

Origin Of Yamal Iri
Yamal Iri is a Christmas related character popularized in 1997, by the tourism organisations in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Yamal peninsula) in Russia. He is also known as the grandfather of Yamal and is the local adaptation of Santa Clause. Regarded as equivalent to Ded Moroz and Santa, Yamal is a the pictorial representation based on the artworks of children.

Myth Of Terlei
The legend that supports Yamal Iri mainly based on the customs and traditions of people of Northern Russia. They adapted his story on the basis of a myth of a local hero, Terlei who is regarded as the embodiment of all the positive traits of the people belonging to the Northern region of Russia.

Yamal Iri, The Traveller
Yamal Iri works all through the year and is an extensive traveller. He helps people to do things right and does the tourist rituals in front of Arctic Circle stele in Salekhard to make them part of Northern brotherhood. He dresses in the conventional folk style of Northern part and comes with a staff, covered by runes.

Yamal Iri's Magic Drum
Yamal Iri possesses a magic drum which is made of wood and the skin of reindeer, which is usually the custom in ancient Nenets technology. The sticks of the drum are made of birch and are wrapped using fur of the reindeer used by Yamal Iri to make his drum. The sound of the drum is such that it drives away the evil spirits, discharges happiness and positive energy and spreads joy. Yamal Iri is also said to be modest, confident and poised.

The story of Yamal Iri is an interesting piece in the annals of Christmas myths. His unusual name, get-up and legend instils curiosity in people all over the world.