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White Christmas is even more special than normal Christmas because of snow. Read about snowfall on Christmas.

White Christmas

White Christmas essentially refers to snowfall on Christmas. When a place is covered with at least 1 inch snow on Christmas, it is officially declared to have a White Christmas. It is usually experienced by people living in the high altitude regions of northern hemisphere. Having snowfall on Christmas makes it more fun and adds even more beauty to the celebrations of the festival. White Christmas is enjoyed by playing in the snow and enjoying the chilly weather. Go through the following lines to explore more information about White Christmas.

White Christmas Interpretations
Different places have different interpretations of White Christmas. In United Kingdom, even if a single snowflake is detected on December 25, it is officially declared as White Christmas. Other countries usually declare a White Christmas after the snowfall meets a specified level. In some places, however, snowfall occurs unexpectedly. In 2004, a Christmas Eve snowstorm brought snowfall to New Orleans and the first ever White Christmas was declared in Houston, Texas. The aforementioned places witnessed the most beautiful Christmas, when people got abundant snowfall.

White Christmas is enjoyed by everyone, especially kids. Everywhere, one could see children playing in the snow and hitting each other with snow balls. Snowmen are built by kids and adults amidst much fun and enthusiasm, on the day. Christmas trees are decorated with white lights to compliment the snow white background and give it a gleaming look. Snowfall on Christmas is always memorable and makes the spirit of Christmas more special. All the streets are covered with snow, with beautifully decorated outdoor Christmas trees adorning the premises of houses.

White Christmas Theme
You can also bring the virtual effect of White Christmas to your home. All you need is to decorate your home and premises as per the very popular White Christmas theme. You can bring in the effect of snowy winter to your Christmas tree, by decorating it as per the theme. Instead of adorning your tree by the traditional greens and reds, adorn it by the festoons that are white or off white in color. White beaded garland would be the best bet. Blinking white Christmas lights would provide the desired white color to your tree.

Tree ornaments for white Christmas theme may include that made up of plastic or crystal. Some embellishments are made to provide a snowy look to the tree. In order to enhance the appearance, you may spray stimulated snow that is easily available in aerosol can. While doing so, make sure that you do not overcrowd the tree with too much of stimulated snow, because the moisture might damage the tree, if it is real. Talking about other decorations, you may decorate your home with white colors streamers and balloons. Hang a Christmas wreath made of white flowers, on your front door.