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Many Christmas traditions are related with popular icons known as Christmas Symbols. Explore about these Symbols Of Christmas, here.

Christmas Symbols

Christmas is the most popularly celebrated festival all over the world. It is celebrated with immense joy and zeal in all the Christian families. This festival is celebrated in order to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. On this day, people apart from feasting and partying, the followers of Christianity also take part in several traditions; customs and rituals. These customs are often explained by the interesting icons and symbols that are associated with Christmas. These symbols have now become so common with the celebration of Christmas, that once the Christmas arrives, the entire market is seen overcrowded with these items.

Popular Christmas Symbols

Christmas Tree
Christmas tree is the most popular symbol associated with the Christmas celebrations. It is basically an evergreen coniferous tree which is decorated with lights, stars and colorful ornaments during the days around Christmas. One can't even imagine Christmas ambience without Christmas tree.

Christmas Star
The Christmas star is an unavoidable part of Christmas ambience. It is associated with the spirit of the celebration, big hopes and high ideals. There are several legends associated with this star which relate it to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mistletoe is associated with the Christmas festival since a time immemorial. This plant is said to have mystical power of saving life and securing peace. There are several Christmas folklores associated with this plant. Kissing under Mistletoe is a popular ritual.

Holly is an inevitable symbol of Christmas. It is said to be a man's plant and is considered to bring good luck and protection to men. It is said that whoever in the family brings the first sprig of Christmas holly into home, will wear the pants that year.

Christmas Rose
Christmas rose is a European evergreen plant with white or purplish rose look-alike winter flowers. As in U.S.A and surrounding countries, the Poinsettia has become synonym of the Christmas flower, in Germany and other European countries; the flower of Christmas rose is the Christmas flower. It can be seen on Christmas table clothes, napkins, wrapping paper and cards.

Poinsettia flowers are beautiful small, and situated in the middle of the bracts. There is a beautiful legend associated with this flower which explains how this flower became a bright red Christmas flower.

Glastonbury Thorn
Glastonbury Thorn, generally referred as 'The Holy Thorn of Glastonbury' is the legend that ties in Christ's death as well as the celebration of his birth. It is said that Glastonbury Thorn relates to the piece of the Crown of Thorns, placed on Jesus' head before he was crucified.

Christmas Stocking
On the occasion of Christmas, Children all over the world hang the Christmas stockings on their window in order to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Originally, they used their regular everyday socks, however with time special Christmas stockings were created for this purpose.

Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath is a beautiful holiday wreath available in different types and materials. They can be made with twisted grapevines. However, people popularly use the artificial Christmas wreath available readily in market. It is said that these wreaths symbolize life and hope.

Christmas Toys
Christmas toys are one of the most popular items on the occasion of Christmas. It is actually a popular trend to exchange Christmas toys as a gift. Umpteen numbers of toys are also available in almost infinite variety of choices on the occasion of Christmas. Stuffed toys of Santa and electronic toys are popular Christmas toys.