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Christmas stockings are an integral part of the tradition of Christmas. Check out Christmas stocking ideas.

Christmas Stockings

The festival of Christmas has many traditions and customs associated with its celebration. Right from the exchange of gifts, decoration of Christmas tree, cooking, singing songs and carols and hanging stockings, all the traditions of the festival are keenly followed by people, since generations. In fact, the celebrations of the festive occasion is considered incomplete without performing all the customs. The tradition of hanging stocking to the mantelpiece is associated with the kids, who are one among the most enthusiastic people to receive gifts, during the holiday season. The history of hanging stockings on the festival can be traced back to the ancient times.

Although a number of stories are connected with Christmas stockings, only a few are prevalent and still believed by people. One of the stories is the tale of father and his three unmarried daughters, who were helped by St. Nicholas, during their bad times. According to the legends, St. Nicholas was aware of the financial problems faced by the father, and decided to help him, secretly. To serve the purpose, St. Nicholas sneaked into the person's house, through the chimney, and filled stockings that were hung nearby the mantelpiece, with gold. The gold in the stockings helped the father to marry off his daughters. The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings is followed since then. Read all about Christmas stockings, in our related section.

Christmas Stocking History
Hanging a Christmas stocking is a tradition that has been followed since times immemorial. It is believed that St. Nicholas would fill the stockings with gifts, on the eve of Christmas. Small kids eagerly wait for his arrival and the gifts that he would bring along with him. They decorate their stockings beautifully and hang them nearby fireplace.

Christmas Handmade Stocking
The festival of Christmas is all about exchange of gifts, feasting and commemorating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. All through the holidays, people would be busy in the preparation of the festival, which includes decoration of home, premises and the Christmas tree, cooking and scrub-cleaning the house. On Christmas Eve, attractively wrapped gifts are placed under the Christmas tree.

Personalized Christmas Stockings
Stockings add a traditional touch to the celebrations of Christmas. Although a wide variety of Christmas stockings are available in the stores in a number of designs, styles and colors during the holiday season, when they are personalized, they become unique and even more attractive. Personalized Christmas stockings are nice gift items too and can be bestowed upon kids, friends, family members and close relatives.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers
Putting up Christmas stockings on the mantle of the fireplace is an age-old tradition. The stockings are usually stuffed with small gifts that are packed very attractively. With the changing time, the choice for Christmas stocking stuffers has gone through a multitude of changes. There are many more options now, than there were before and people are willing to experiment with different ideas too.