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From the shepherds to Santa Claus, read on to know more about the diverse Christmas figures that makes Christmas glittery and 'oh-so-special'. These Christmas figurines add to the pomp and the gaiety of the festival.

Christmas Figures

Christmas figurines are the rudiments that add to the glitz and vivacity of the holiday season. These can be used almost anywhere during Christmas, from the tree to the barn and all the way to the shopping mall. These figures can be used on the Christmas tree to brighten the famous holiday symbol and can also be used for decorative purposes all around the house. There are wide varieties of Christmas figures available in the market; they come in different shapes, sizes, price ranges and materials. From porcelain to plastic, finding Christmas figures in the market today is less of a task and more of a pleasurable affair. It is a well-known fact that Santa Claus is not the only Christmas figure associated with the festival. Over the years, a number of other Christmas figures have evolved, each carrying a special significance, making the festival jollier and colorful.

Christmas Figurines

Indoor Figures
Indoor Christmas figurines can be used to decorate the innards of the home and are also used as popular choices for table, window and barn displays. Some of the renowned Christmas indoor figures are three dimensional snowman figures, candy canes, angels, pole mounts, Santa's elves, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, reindeers and nativity scenes. In the market, LED snowmen or Christmas trees with an iced effect, can be found that are now becoming increasingly popular. These beloved Christmas characters come in ceramic for delicate purposes or plastic for rough-and-tough uses, that can be stored and re-used.

Animated Figures
Animated figures are enormous, lifelike looking figures that are used as lavish displays at malls and other public events. These popular figures come in the form of Santa Claus riding his sleigh with his Reindeers, an imitation of the Nativity scenes, Santa's workshop with his elves, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, three dimensional snowman figures and Gingerbread houses. These Christmas figures are excessively decorated with lights, crystals and are made to look flamboyant to attract attention in public expanses.

Nativity Scene Figures
Keeping in line with tradition, Nativity scene figures are lifelike models or living pantomimes that depict the birth of Jesus Christ. From small to large figures, these are some of the most popular Christmas figurines marketed and sold during the holiday season. These figures typically include those of Infant Jesus, Joseph, Mary, angels, shepherds, the Magi and other farm or barn animals such as sheep, donkeys, ox and camels. These are ideal for homes, barns, shopping malls, churches and other public areas. They can be purchased in sets or individually, depending on the buyer's preference.

Outdoor Figures
Outdoor figures are brought and set up for a more jubilant display and are usually set outside houses, and in front of shopping complexes. These make an impressive watch, and are the easiest ways to celebrate Christmas on a whole new level. From mammoth Christmas trees, to towering angels, snowman and the holiday penguin, these outdoor figures are great decorative options for commercial and personal purposes. These are also available in the form of Christmas figurine inflatables that are popular choices at themed events, parties and public domains. These are kept erect and move about with the help of a built-in fan. Popular options for inflatables are Santa Claus, Reindeers, Trees and the Gingerbread man.

It is easy to have a simple Christmas with a decorated tree and some great pudding. It is therefore important to understand how you can make Christmas a lot livelier and jubilant this year. For starters, Christmas Figures are a great option and can make a whole lot of difference to your decorations and the festive spirit this year.