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Midnight mass has been a significant tradition in Christmas celebrations. Celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus, Christmas isn't complete without the Midnight Mass. Know how it is organized all around the world.

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass

Christmas is celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm around the world and follows many ancient traditions and rituals. One such important tradition of Christmas celebration, which bears special significance for the Christian devotees, is the Midnight Mass. Since it has been a traditional Christian belief that Jesus was born at night - according to Luke 2:6-8 - the Midnight Mass is conducted on the Christmas Eve to commemorate the birth of the great Savior. Though the merrier celebrations of the Christmas Eve revolve around the arrival of Santa Claus at midnight, the more religious versions of celebration feature Midnight Mass to spread the word of Christ's arrival. However, from time to time, there have been modifications in the time of the celebration of the midnight mass. For instance in 2009, Vatican officials declared that the Midnight Mass would commence at 10 PM so that the 82-year-old Pope Benedict XVI wouldn't have to stay awake late into the night. To learn more about the Midnight Mass, keep reading.
Midnight Mass has been an orthodox Catholic tradition and has been celebrated with great devotion and ardor. The traditions may seem to differ in different regions but the essence remains the same, all across the world.