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Caganer is regarded as a part of the culture of Catalan nativity scenes. Read more to gather information about its significance.


Towards the onset of Christmas, nativity scenes depicting the birth of infant Jesus assume much importance. These nativity scenes essentially include the major characters like infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph. However, there are regional differences in the other characters present in the stable. In some places like Catalonia, and the neighboring Valencia, Northern Catalonia, Andorra and the Balearic islands which follow the Catalan culture, nativity scenes are incomplete without the display of Caganer. This is an interesting character, a short farmer in a red hat, defecating by the manger. He's also referred to as the 'pooper', a name derived from his action. This character is quite popular in Spain, Portugal and some parts of southern Italy (Naples) as well. Caganer is considered to have entered the nativity scene during late 17th or 18th century. According to renowned folklorist Joan Amades, it is an 'essential piece of the nativity scene and has succeeded in winning many hearts. Scroll further to know more about this interesting character!

The Christmas Figure Caganer
Apart from Caganer, the other defecating character in the Catalan Christmas tradition is the Tio de Nadal, that makes the extensive use of the human waste production. These characters, however, add an element of laughter to the Christmas celebrations.