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Ghost of Christmas Yet to come is one of the popular characters which first appeared in the famous Christmas novella, 'A Christmas Carol'. Here is a brief account of the Christmas Ghost of future.

Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, also known as The Ghost of Christmas Future, is a popular fictional character in 'A Christmas Carol', one of the major works of the famous English novelist Charles Dickens. It is one of the three spirits that warn Ebenezer Scrooge of a miserable life that awaits him if he fails to change his miserly ways. After the visits of Jacob Marley, Ghost of Christmas Past and the Ghost of Christmas Present, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come pays a visit to Scrooge and takes him to a journey in his future. This faceless, speechless giant shows Scrooge what may come to pass in future if he continues with his stingy ways. At the end of the visit, Scrooge undergoes a complete transformation and become a generous charitable and a cheerful person. To know more about the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, go through the following lines.

Christmas Ghosts Of Future

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, a dark phantom, is the most frightening of all the spirits which Scrooge is visited by. Initially, he seems like a dark shadow on the wall but as he comes out from the walls, Scrooge finds him completely camouflaged in a black hooded robe. The only part in his body that is visible is a single gaunt hand which point towards whatever he wants to show to Scrooge. Unlike the two previous visitors, this character remains silent all throughout his visit and never utters a word; Scrooge understands him through assumptions.

Role In 'A Christmas Carol'
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come takes Scrooge on a ride in Scrooge's future. First of all, Scrooge is shown that Tiny Tim, his secretary Bob's ill-son, has passed away recently and Bob Cratchit and his family mourn Tiny Tim's death. Owing to Bob Cratchit's minimal wages at the hands of Scrooge, he failed to provide the essential food and medical aid which led to the death of Tiny Tim. Scrooge is shown that he had also recently died and how there is great rejoicing and criticism of him after his death. Fred, Scrooge's nephew and only family, inherits all of Scrooge's money. Scrooge's maid, Mrs. Dilber, steals all of his belongings, even the clothes which he was buried in, and sells them to Old Joe. Those who are attending his funeral are only there for a free lunch.

Portrayal In Films
The character of Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come has made numerous appearances in films, TV serials as well as games. Although in many appearances, the portrayal seems to diverge from the novella to a certain extent. For instance in the 1992 film, 'The Muppet Christmas Carol', the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is shown as a large figure wearing a tattered black hood, walking Scrooge slowly to take him to the journey of his future. While in 'A Diva's Christmas Carol', the ghost is depicted as a small television that shows a future episode of 'Behind the Music' about Ebony Scrooge.

The above written line provides an outline of the famous character and how his visit, along with other three spirits, prompts Scrooge to become a completely different person.