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Keep your kids indoor during this winter with some interesting story books related to Christmas. These Christmas books come with unique messages and coded lessons.

Christmas Books For Kids

Christmas, the celebration of the magical birth of the son of God, Jesus, comes with lots of joy and celebrations. It brings warmth in the icy, chilled atmosphere. This festival is celebrated by adults as well as children. For Children, this season is dedicated for playful activities and gift collection. They eagerly wait for their gifts and enjoy their holydays with great enthusiasm. Christmas being a winter festival, parents are rather keen on keeping their kids out of the chilly, dry cold weather. But, it is not possible to keep them indoors in this holiday season unless you got some interesting activity for them. Reading could be an answer to that problem. It is Christmas season! Nothing will be as interesting as Christmas stories to read in this season. Kids could easily relate to the story to Christmas atmosphere and revel in the beautiful tales that have become a part of the Christmas spirit. Here as some interesting stories for your kids to read during Christmas.

The Polar Express - Chris Van Allsburg
The Polar Express is a popular book written in 1985, for children. It is the story of a young boy who sees a train waiting for him on Christmas Eve. The conductor asks him whether he is interested in going to the North Pole and the boy obviously answers 'yes'. On reaching the North Pole, the boy and his fellow travelers see many Christmas elves waiting to send Santa Claus on his way. The boy is handpicked by Santa to receive the first gift of Christmas. Realizing that he could ask anything in the world as Christmas gift, he asks for a bell from one of the reindeer's harnesses. He receives it, keeps it in his pockets and returns home. He loses the bell on his return journey and arrives home sad and depressed. The next morning, his sister discovers a package which Santa dropped for him; it contained the bell. Surprisingly, only those two children could hear it beautiful sound, their parents couldn't.

When Santa Fell To Earth - Cornelia Funke
The story is of an adventure undertaken by two children to save the last real Santa on earth. They meet Santa when he crash lands in their neighborhood due to Santa's mischievous reindeer, Twinkle Star. The threat does not end there; the evil Santa of Yule is trying to turn him to a chocolate Santa. The story narrates the difficulties encountered by the children to save Santa.

Dancing Through The Snow - Jean Little
Min is an abandoned child who hopes to find an ideal family before Christmas. Jess Hart a doctor who knows Min and had an even more miserable childhood than Min, takes her home. Min receives lots of love there but can never really open up to the people around. Once, heading out to find a Christmas tree, Min finds a fatally hurt dog and brings it home and looks after it. The dog, though highly timid and distrustful of people, starts loving Min. This makes Min realize how much she has been choosing to stay away from people. Min takes a lesson from her dog and starts to open up, makes new friends and begins a new life. This story tells how an abandoned dog helps an abandoned girl open her heart and let in a new family.

Books are our best friends essentially because they teach us so much. Every book is a lesson in itself. Introduce your kids to interesting books this Christmas and nudge them towards the friends that they will never tire of.