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Christmas gift figures are the traditional gift bringers without whom the festival and its buoyant spirit isn't complete. Read on to about the different gift bearers associated with Christmas.

Christmas Gift Bringers

When you think of a Christmas Gift Bringer, what is the picture that strikes in your mind? Probably, a huge, bearded old man with a sack full of goodies and presents for the children! Most of the midwinter and Christmas traditions involve the concept of the gift bringers. The similar features in the characters of different countries depict that they have a mutual influence on each other. Ever wondered why is it that the huge cuddly figure of Santa captures your Christmas dreams? Is Santa Claus the only Christmas gift-bringing character? Not really! Papa Noel of Brazil, Baboushka of Russia, Christkind of Austria, etc. do the same job around Christmas. Many similar figures embrace the same concept of gift bringing and carry sack full of goodies for children all over the world. Scroll further and gather more information of the various Christmas gift bringing character around the world.

Christmas Gift Bringers Around the World