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The way Christmas is celebrated now is quite different from the celebrations during the medieval ages or the Roman era.

Ancient Christmas Celebrations

Jesus was born approximately 2000 years ago, in Bethlehem of Judea. But it was not until 300 years later, when the Roman Emperor Constantine recognised Christianity and brought about an end to the persecution of Christians, that Christmas became a common celebration. The oldest known reference to the date of the nativity as December 25 has been revealed in the Chronography of 354, an illuminated manuscript, which was compiled in Rome. Christmas is perhaps one of the oldest religious celebrations. However, the celebrations of Christmas have undergone a radical metamorphosis since ancient times. The way it is celebrated now is, in fact, quite distinct from the celebrations during the medieval ages or the Roman era. The historical accounts of these celebrations have revealed much dissimilarity and have shed light on some of the features, which its earlier versions constituted of. Here are some of the ancient Christmas celebrations from different ages.

Ancient Christmas Celebrations & Traditions
Aforementioned is a detailed account of ancient Christian celebrations. Go through the above lines and learn how the ancients used to celebrate their Christmas.