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There are many traditions evident in modern-day Christmas celebrations that have their roots in the renaissance period. Go through the following lines and learn all about renaissance Christmas celebrations.

Renaissance Christmas

The festivities and celebrations during the renaissance age were quite distinctive from the modern day traditions of Christmas celebration. Since ancient times, the celebration of winter season has evolved as a fusion of pagan, Jewish and many other traditions which is also evident in Christmas celebrations. The Norse celebration of Yule, the Continental Celts' celebration of the Winter Solstice and the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and, finally, the Christian Christmas, they all seem connected through a common thread, which is manifest in the many common traditions. Perhaps, as Italians celebrated Mithric around December 25th, Constantine may have decreed this date as the date of birth of Christ. However, through many ages, the mode of celebrations and traditions has undergone many changes. Where many new traditions started taking root, there were some which were shunned and thus, vanished with changing times. To know the form of renaissance Christmas, go through the following section.

Renaissance Christmas Celebrations
The above article describes some of the traditions that were evident in the Christmas celebration during the renaissance period. Though many of them have disappeared from the modern celebrations, there are some which still survive.