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Christmas decor is an important part of the celebrations. Check out information on Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas décor is an important part of the celebrations. With lots of greens and reds around the homes to bring warmth to the coldest evening of the year and cheer to the snowy night, this is the day when people light up and decorate the houses to commemorate the birth of child Jesus. Festivity is the theme of the celebrations and there are ample use of lights and candles, colors and flowers, ornaments and wreaths in the decorations. Christmas tree and the star ranks foremost amongst the favored decoration items of the house. We have some suggestions that you might use this Christmas to add gaiety to the look of your house. These tips will definetly help you in providing your house with a wonderful environment. So, go ahead use these tips in this year christmas.

The Wreath
The wreath of evergreen leaves symbolizes hope and life. You can decorate the simple wreath from the market by tying a bright red ribbon tied around it and attaching a huge bow to it. Add hollies and bells to the wreath to give it the Christmas mood. Mount it on a wall just in front of the door to attract the attention of the visitors. You can also make a wreath at home by tying together the boughs of any evergreen tree with a red ribbon and adding glitter, ornaments, hollies and cotton to give the impression of snow. If you place it on the table or on top of the fireplace you may also put candles around it to give the dramatic effect.

The Star
Shiny red or silver paper, cardboard, glitter, glue, scissors and string is all you need to make the shimmering stars of all sizes to put up at different places around the house for Christmas decorations such as doors, windowsills and porticoes. Cut out cardboard stars in the desirable sizes. Punch a hole to the top and attach strings through it to the star. Paste the shiny paper to the cardboard and paste glitter on it. Dust the excess glitter and your star is ready.

While one can opt for artificial trees with sockets and provisional wirings, real ones look better in the end. Amount of lights used depends upon the size of the tree. However 1 string of 100 lights per foot will look good. Similarly small bulbs are preferable over the larger ones. One should start from the top and descend while wrapping each or alternate branch from inside the tree to the trunk of the tree. Another option is to place lights along the perimeter of the tree. Green wiring will easily merge with the color of the tree.

The Christmas Tree
A decorated Christmas tree with candles and lights and gifts heaped around its base is the center of attraction at Christmas. Normally, a two-feet tree is enough for a normal-sized house. However, one should decide upon the size of the tree depending upon the ceiling height and the width of the space in the room. Make sure that stand is heavy enough to bear the weight of the tree. Tree should be kept away from any flammable substance and precautions must be taken to prevent it from accidentally catching fire. Usually the fresh, neatly-trimmed trees with smaller needles and having adequate space between the branches are preferred because they are easier to decorate. Fill the stand with lukewarm water and make a fresh cut on the stem of the tree to make it last longer.

Small teddies, dolls, miniature hats, pinecones, colorful balls, clip on fairies, daisies, hollies and candies are just of the items that one can use as Christmas ornaments to decorate the fir tree. The only thing to be kept in mind is the proportion, harmony and synchronization of the look. Use them so that they are lighted well from the lights that have been used on the Christmas tree and there are no unwanted gaps to hamper the look of the tree. Ribbon loops will add colors while silk flowers give a delicate formal look to the tree. White fluffy items as snow and red bright shiny items to brighten the tree are desirable. You may add glitter to balls to give a shimmering look to your tree while one can use imagination and dried flowers and even silver and copper colored twigs as beautiful ornaments for the Christmas tree. Unlit candles, cotton wool, stars and angles are other items that can often be seen on Christmas trees.