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Mr. Bingle, a fictional Christmas character, is believed to be the assistant of Santa Claus. Read on to know more about Mr. Bingle.

Mr. Bingle

Mr. Bingle has become an intrinsic part of Christmas traditions. Who can forget the song, "Jingle jangle jingle! Here comes Mr. Bingle"? Mr. Bingle has been an aide-de-camp to Santa Claus for a long time and they have even appeared in television commercials together. Mr. Bingle was originally designed to be a mascot for the 'Maison Blanche' departmental store in New Orleans. The manager of the New Orleans store wanted the departmental shop to have its very own Christmas character; it was here that Mr. Bingle was developed. Mr. Bingle is believed to help Santa Claus deliver gifts all around the world during Christmas. One of the most popular fictional Christmas characters, Mr. Bingle is also believed to bring light in the lives of the downtrodden. From talk shows to television commercials, the quirky snowman has a long history in the Christmas tradition in New Orleans and all around the world. Christmas is a great time to get together with family, celebrate and share stories. So this year, why not share the lost story of a once popular character, Mr. Bingle and relive the adventures of how it all began.

The Snowman Assistant

Mr. Bingle has been a dreamlike part of the holiday season for children and adults in New Orleans and around the world. The little snowman, known for dancing and talking on morning television along with for being Santa's faithful aide, became lost over the years. However, the Christmas icon still lives on in the memories of many. The story of Mr. Bingle goes all the way back to 1947 when he was brought to life by Emile Aline, an employee of the Maison Blanche departmental stores.

Originally created to represent the brand, Mr. Bingle was more of a mascot than a Christmas figure. However, since snowmen were associated with winter, the designers of Mr. Bingle found it only fitting to label him as a Christmas Icon. Mr. Bingle made his first public appearance in a puppet show, puppeteered by a man called 'Isentrout'. Mr. Bingle began to gain popularity and started appearing for television commercials as Santa's assistant and also did radio talk shows. For years, Mr. Bingle was associated with merchandise and toys and, later, went on to become the subject of interest, around which many people developed Christmas stories. In a very popular account, Mr. Bingle was often paired with Santa Claus, and the duo was seen helping/supporting each other through Christmas.

Popularity Of Mr. Bingle
Apart from being a prominent Christmas figure, Mr. Bingle's identity was refurbished and the shows he conducted on television were some of the most awaited shows during Christmas. From paper mache figures to the flying figure of Mr. Bingle, this popular character was idolized and adored by children all over the US and, with the nationwide hullabaloo surrounding him, the world began accepting Mr. Bingle as a universal icon. Today, even though the miniscule character has been shoved to the back of many people's minds, Mr. Bingle continues to spread his effervescent charm, joy and happiness in a store called 'Dillard's'.

Although flying figures, puppets and mascots of Mr. Bingle are not put in many stores for Christmas anymore, the character and the mirth associated with this snowman is still etched in the memories of many. So this Christmas, sit your children down and recount the fables of this popular character. If you are looking to bring back the memories of Mr. Bingle, why not gift yourself or your family a Mr. Bingle stuffed toy for this Christmas?